Casual Relationships Are Not Taboo Anymore

Internet facilitates casual liaisons


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Relationships between human beings are a complex combination of emotional, psychological, intellectual, and social factors. Every human being of whatever age, creed or nationality is into some kind of a relationship. Adult relationships are the most complex and sometimes dangerously so. Casual Relationships, while seemingly uncomplicated on the surface, are fraught with pitfalls and emotional mazes. A casual relationship, as the name itself suggests, is a physical and emotional bond between two people which may be sexual or platonic. Either way, the common denominator is that the emotional and other elements that blight a relationship of a more serious nature are absent in a casual one.

A casual relationship normally, unless other factors are involved, does not last very long and is for a limited period and may not involve partner- exclusivity. It may also not carry the emotional burden of a permanent liaison. The sense of freedom, the partners experience in a casual relationship is the result of the implicit understanding that the arrangement is not forever and comes to an end when either partner so wishes. But things are not as easy as that. The end of most casual relationships has been as acrimonious and dreadful as the termination of marriages or serious, long standing relationships. This is because human nature is such that it craves for nearness of another of the same species and there is a sub conscious, primordial resistance to its denial. This is true of any relationship - marital, extramarital or casual affairs.

Casual relationships are quite common these days in all age groups and social strata. Universities, colleges, and work places are the most likely places where such relationships blossom and thrive. Casual relationships are mostly sexual though in some cases the partners prefer not to be physically involved. In these days of the internet and social net working, casual liaisons have become as common as the regular romantic involvements that culminate in matrimony. Cyberspace is also the best place for those seeking a casual relationship partner. The Internet is full of advertisements of men seeking women and vice versa for a relationship. There are cyber chat rooms and sites dedicated especially for this where a person can seek and get a partner of their choice without loitering around bars and innumerable social and cocktail circuits in search of a relationship.

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