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Cat Cancer - Who Can Help when the Vet Can't?


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- Cat cancer: it’s a devastating diagnosis that around 50% of cat owners will face. And every year, millions of cats will need their guardians to choose the right treatments.

Many cat owners will opt for surgery, chemotherapy and drugs prescribed by their vets. And often, these approaches can be effective.

But what if traditional medicine can’t help?

A new website can – with clear information about alternative cat cancer treatments. The Meow Cancer Clinic empowers cat owners to make smart decisions about how to help their beloved pets.

Cat owners face two major obstacles to choosing alternative treatments for cat cancer:

1. Most cat owners won’t know where to start, or which treatments to try.

Information overload immediately leads to confusion, and paralysis. It’s easier to do nothing than make the wrong choice.

2. The internet is crowded with “miracle cures” for cat cancer.

Many of these cures are simply false promises. Cat owners risk wasting money and choosing ineffective or even dangerous treatments.

The Meow Cancer Clinic faces both challenges head-on. Its founder Dr Liz Hardy is not a vet, but draws on her PhD training to research a wide range of safe treatments, and use them to help her own cat, who has an aggressive tumor.

“When my cat Moofy was diagnosed with cancer, the vet gave me two options,” says Dr Hardy. “He could perform radical surgery, which wouldn’t cure Moof and might disable her. Or we could simply do nothing – and bring her in later to have her put down. Neither option was appealing!

I started looking into alternatives, and I’ve discovered there are many things I can do to help Moofy. I want to show other cat guardians that there are plenty of safe treatments out there that can help their cats, too”.

The Meow Cancer Clinic offers a range of cat cancer resources to help cat guardians make smart treatment decisions. These include:

The Cat Cancer Blog – exploring the challenges and joys of helping cats with cancer. Topics range from how to feed a cat with cancer, to how to stop being so stressed and anxious about the process.

Cat Cancer – Help! – a free, quick-start guide to using alternative cat cancer therapies.

The Chemo-Free Cat – a practical manual exploring 8 of the best natural remedies for cat cancer.

Dr Hardy is not claiming to have found a cure for cancer – but 10 months after her diagnosis, Moofy may be the only cancer patient in the world to happily scramble up the living room curtains every night!

To find out more about alternative remedies for cat cancer, please visit: the Meow Cancer Clinic, or contact Liz Hardy directly.

About Dr Liz Hardy
Dr Liz Hardy is the founder of the Meow Cancer Clinic, which offers accessible information on natural treatments for cat cancer. Liz combines hundreds of hours of research with first-hand treatment experience. Her own cat has an aggressive tumor which is being treated with all natural therapies. Liz is on a mission to show other cat owners how to help their own furry little cancer patients to heal.