Save R Cats USA

Cat Parents Can Save Their Cats and Save Money on Their Daily Purchases


Aiken, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- has developed a unique way to save cat parents their precious cats from being put on death row, and at the same time they will save hundreds of dollars month after month on their daily purchases and be a recipient of a fully insured major medical cat program at no additional cost. The average cat will experience 2-3 serious health issues in their life, and 97% of cat parents are without cat insurance and when an expensive veterinarian procedure is needed they may opt out for euthanasia, also many times the high cost veterinary services will cause many cat parents, to drop off their cat at an animal shelter and 70% of drop offs are put down...Save R Cats USA .Org insurance program will pay 90% of the vet bill, after a $100 deductible, and deter euthanasia.


Firstly: Enrollees will save hundreds of dollars month after month on their everyday purchases. We offer over 500,000 ways with over 100 categories. For example, if you’re presently spending $300 a month on groceries, with our program you just save 20% that’s a savings of $60 a month or more and that is less than your monthly dues for one cat, and that is just one example. No more clipping or surfing, the savings and discounts are categorized and alphabetical in order. Save on gas, auto-repair, apparel, golf, restaurants, entertainment, groceries, travel and thousands of brand name items. The more you use the program, the more you’re guaranteed to save. Excess savings can help reduce your car and mortgage payment. Life is better when you save money.

Secondly: At no additional cost, each enrollee receive a fully insured cat major medical program that is underwritten with an A+ plus carrier and will pay 90% of the vet bill after a $100 deductible. Enrollees can use the program at any licensed veterinarian in the USA. The major medical cat insurance program will provide comfort for cat parents when faced with extreme medical issues by knowing that a major portion of approved vet expenditures will be reimbursed to them.

Thirdly: All enrollees receive a $50.00 gift certificate that never expires and is redeemable at over 20,000 locations nationwide. The $50.00 gift certificate essentially makes the program free for the first month for one pet.

About is all about saving your precious cat, and saving cat parents hundreds of dollars on their daily purchases month after month, guaranteed.