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Daytona Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- Catalyst Exhibits is a large exhibition services company which provides clients with complete branding of trade show booths and creation and development of custom-made trade show booths as well as rental exhibition spots and stalls.

The company proudly claims itself to be all about the customer. Whatever the client wants, the aim of Catalyst Exhibits is to create just that. Making of stalls from the inception of ideas, to brainstorming for possible alterations and completing the think tank process by involving the entire team makes the company realize in greater detail what their clients would be pleased with. Excellence and customer satisfaction are the values deeply rooted into the management at Catalyst Exhibits at all levels.

Since special events take up a lot of planning and impeccable execution, the company hires only the best in the field to create not just an event, but a whole theme based on the event which brands it for life. Branding strategies include consultation with the client, finding out whether a customizable exhibit plan would fulfill the needs or would a pre-planned exhibit rented out from the company be enough to suffice? It is important to know the client’s expectations, the kind of target audience in mind, what activities are planned for the exhibition, whether there needs to be a spacious cabin for inviting people inside the stall or setting up a counter where people can browse through easily.

The price quotation is available on request for all the different rental packages available. The site also offers many other different services. Some basic ones include graphic designing and construction of rough models for the exhibits. Other professional services include complete management of the exhibit while the client can sit back, relax and enjoy his or her evening. Catalyst Exhibits has years of experience in setting up and running successful exhibits.

The clients who have partnered with the company for their events show renewed interest to take up further projects with the company for their outstanding service, worth for the money invested and for the creative and innovative approach the team puts in front of them for every single project undertaken.

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