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Catamount Funding, a Leading Accounts Receivable Factoring Company, Now Offers Unmatched Services


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- Catamount Funding, a leading accounts receivable factoring company, now offers unmatched services. This U.S. factoring company helps increase a customer's working capital, further enabling them to grow their business. Their invoice factoring program has a mechanism within itself, providing an accounts receivable manager which is professionally built in. The company's staff monitors invoices every 30 days. Periodic calls and reminders via email are sent to accounts payable managers. If the customer of any client misses an invoice, it is immediately forwarded electronically. This helps the clients guarantee payment turn-around on their invoices without having to spend money on hiring an account manager.

This Dallas factoring company avails their client with another benefit which can help them manage their credit risk. They monitor the available information of both existing and new customers through credit reporting agencies and assess any kind of credit risk related to the business they are doing. Future loss of credit can be avoided by doing a minor investigation of the client's credit history.

Talking more about account receivable factoring, one of the representatives of Catamount Funding stated, "Our Account Receivable Financing not only facilitates cash flow but also mitigates unnecessary credit risk. We believe in the implementation of mechanisms that reduce the frequency of past due accounts and increase the frequency of invoice payments. We take care of managing your accounts receivables so that you receive final payment as soon as possible."

About Catamount Funding
Catamount Funding, Inc. is a financial services provider specializing in invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing for the small to medium size business owner. With offices in Texas, Arizona and Colorado, they operate in a variety of industries including manufacturing, personnel, transportation, fabrication, distribution and service. Catamount's principals have over 50 years' experience in using receivables financing for these and other industries. The future of one's business depends on the decisions that they make today. They can help in numerous areas which include improving cash flow, forecasting, budgeting, and developing accounting and banking relationships.

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