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Catamount Funding, an Account Receivable Factoring Company, Provides Unmatched Services


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2014 -- Catamount Funding, an account receivable factoring company, provides unmatched services. With factoring, the user’s receivable account is converted into immediate cash. This helps provide a predictable and steady cash flow. Factoring invoices serves to create an easy, safe and quick way to make the capital work. This invoice factoring saves the user from the hassle of a commercial loan because instead, cash is instantly received.

Due to their unmatched services, the company has been reviewed as one of the best Dallas factoring companies. There are various benefits of invoice factoring including how it turns invoices into instant cash. One can easily experience the benefit of their sale without having to wait for the client’s payment. Without having to lower the equity, working capital and cash flow can be increased. Besides this, credit ratings can be improved and protected. Catamount’s factoring program does not have any long-term contracts, application fees, maintenance fees or exit fees. The company’s impeccable service makes this possible.

While talking about the advantages of factoring services, one of the representatives of Catamount Funding stated, “Catamount Funding is a seasoned and solid US factoring company with extensive experience in business finance for small to medium sized companies. Once your application is received, approval will be determined within 48 hours and quickly after that we can provide funding on your account receivables up to 85%.”

About Account Receivable Factoring Company, Catamount Funding
Catamount Funding, Inc. is a financial services provider specializing in invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing for the small to medium size business owner. With offices in Texas, Arizona and Colorado, they operate in a variety of industries including manufacturing, personnel, transportation, fabrication, distribution and service. Catamount's principals have over 50 years’ experience in using receivables financing for these and other industries. The future of one’s business depends on the decisions that they make today. They can help in numerous areas including improving cash flow, forecasting and budgeting, and developing accounting and banking relationships.

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