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Catamount Funding Explains How Business Receivable Factoring Helps Companies Obtain Finances


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- Catamount Funding, the most reliable and renowned accounts receivable factoring company in the US, recently discussed the importance and benefits of Business Receivable Factoring in obtaining finances to address a business’s cash flow problems without accumulating debt. The company identified the major factors that can easily help a business obtain hefty sums, with no need to forfeit their business value.

The spokesperson for Catamount Funding, who thoroughly explained the ins-and-outs of their invoice factoring services, speaks on the matter, “Invoice Factoring,” he said, “is a quick, easy and safe way to create working capital. It eliminates the wait for your accounts receivable to become cash, without the hassles of a traditional commercial loan.”

The spokesperson also highlighted the problems with commercial loans which, in his own words, “Does not let entrepreneurs enjoy the control and profits of their very own business.” He also called the stress-free business receivable factoring “a better alternative” to the unnecessary loaning process.

In proving his point, he explained to business-owners the mechanism with which Catamount Funding literally proved itself to be the best invoice factoring companies throughout Texas, Houston, and other parts of the USA. The complete and detailed factoring process by Catamount Funding is explained at the following link:

The spokesperson concluded by bulleting a few benefits of business receivable factoring. “The overall benefits of factoring is its ability to turn invoices into immediate cash; to increase cash flow without compromising equity; to make business purchases to increase profitability; to protect and improve credit ratings, and numerous other benefits.”

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