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Catamount Funding Offers Houston Staffing Factoring, Construction Invoice Factoring, and Houston Freight Factoring to Facilitate Business Continuity

Houston Invoice Factoring companies like Catamount Funding offer services including transportation factoring, freight factoring, oilfield factoring, and staffing factoring


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2022 -- Catamount Funding, one of the premier Factoring companies in Houston TX, offers invoice factoring services to offer a solution to having to wait for invoices to become due and be paid. There is often a lag, sometimes up to 90 days, before an invoice is due after it has been sent. During this time, ongoing costs, as well as unexpected expenses, may require settling. In addition to the funds not being immediately available to help with ongoing costs, there is a level of stress in the wait, and also a time commitment to keep all the paperwork in check and follow up with clients to ensure the payment does arrive on time. Factoring unpaid invoices is a way to leverage the accounts receivables before they are due. The factoring company, in return for a small fee, takes ownership of the unpaid invoice or invoices and transfers funds quickly back to the business, then becoming the responsible party in following up on the payment. With a team of factoring professionals at Catamount Funding, the payment process is often expedited as this is their core business. Their working methods include upgrading to electronic payment methods if checks are still in use. Having a cash flow problem, even over a relatively short time period, can have many knock-on effects, from not being able to pay staff on time, to missing out on discounts being offered by suppliers, to being unable to schedule maintenance on a vehicle that could keep a delivery resource off the road, to not being able to bid on new business and a multitude of other complications which could stall a business plan and hamper growth. A representative from catamount Funding explains "During these tough economic times it can be hard for the small business owner to get loan approval. Factoring Accounts and Purchase Order Financing is a safe and easy way for you to get the funding you need to continue to grow your company. We will help you improve your cash flow so that you can focus on other important business matters. Learn how invoice factoring works. Prepare, Plan and Perform. We can assist in many ways other than invoice factoring and purchase order financing. We offer assistance with consulting services, accounting, and bookkeeping as well as equipment financing. Catamount Funding provides invoice factoring and purchase order financing services in the following regions: West Coast - including California, Oregon, and Washington; Rocky Mountains - including Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona; Midwest Region - including Oklahoma and Wyoming; Gulf Coast States - including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama."

The principle is very simple, which is why so many companies across multiple business sectors use factoring routinely, however, each client is also unique, so the team work to tailor a solution that is the best fit for that particular business at that specific time. With changes in the economy and outside factors like rapidly fluctuating gas prices as well as changes in demand as inflation increases, the solution which was ideal last year may no longer be the best option today. With a strict code of ethics and a commitment to privacy regarding data and information collection, Catamount Funding is a Member of the International Factoring Association, abiding by guidelines such as aspiring to the highest code of professional ethics, as generally expected by the business community, and aspiring to the highest level of industrial competence through continued education, and by sharing ideas and experiences with other IFA members.

Typical factoring company sectors include landscaping, welding, technology, mechanical contractors, plumbing, pipefitting, oilfield factoring services, including factoring for oilfield contractors, medical staffing factoring, temporary staffing factoring, construction factoring, and all types of suppliers.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Catamount Funding has service regions across the US, including the Rocky Mountain Region, the West Coast Region, and the Midwest Region, as well as the Gulf Coast Region. In addition to factoring services, they offer consulting services, accounting, bookkeeping, and equipment financing. Open communication and productive teamwork are central to the collaborations, creating unique and tailored solutions for each individual client.

Catamount Funding, one of the Houston invoice factoring companies offering freight bill factoring services, respects that time is often a critical factor in success and processes finance approval decisions within 48 hours. Their team of experts offers business invoice factoring services to relieve the cash flow bottleneck. The application process is simple and can be accessed via their website. Applications are welcomed from start-up companies as financing decisions are made primarily on the financial condition of the account debtors. Financial pressure need not stop a business from operating or growing, factoring accounts can deliver the working capital funds necessary to free up cash flow.

About Catamount Funding Inc
Catamount Funding, Inc. is one of the premier Gulf Coast Factoring and Houston factoring companies, a financial services provider specializing in accounts receivables, construction factoring, invoice factoring, and Houston accounts receivable factoring, suited to small or medium-sized business owners.

A particular specialty is Houston freight factoring, otherwise known as freight bill factoring, or transportation factoring. Accounts Receivable Management is included with Catamount's Invoice Factoring Services.

They hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For more information on Texas Factoring services like purchase order financing, construction factoring, energy factoring, and Houston business receivable factoring, please visit:

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