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Catamount Funding Offers Houston Staffing Factoring, Service Factoring, Freight Bill Factoring, and Factoring for Oilfield Contractors

Houston Invoice Factoring companies like Catamount Funding offer services including transportation factoring, freight factoring, oilfield factoring and staffing factoring


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2023 -- Catamount Funding, one of the premier Factoring companies in Houston TX, offers invoice factoring services to business owners who have sold goods or a service with payment terms involving a deferred payment. This time lag between delivery and payment can create cash flow challenges in the short term, especially as there may be additional costs incurred during the delivery. There are many interchangeable terms for some common factoring services, with freight factoring also known as freight bill factoring or transportation factoring, and staffing factoring also known as payroll factoring. Staffing agencies that assign temporary resources sometimes look to factor their unpaid invoices so they can manage the available cash in a more flexible way. One major advantage when factoring invoices is the transfer of responsibility from the business owner to the factoring company in following up to make sure the payment is made on time. Clear and professional communication and being able to provide support documentation promptly are vital in maintaining a good relationship between providers and their clients. The staff at Catamount Funding are able to help switch to electronic payment methods where they are not yet implemented, speeding up the transfer of funds compared to a check in the post, as well as providing a clear audit trail to follow. This transfer of ownership can free up the business owner from doing the tasks, and also removes a source of stress at a potentially challenging time. Houston staffing factoring in particular sees an emphasis on medical staffing and oilfield staffing. There are many different roles within the oilfield staffing workflow, from truck drivers to equipment operators to maintenance technicians, drillers, supervisors, and on-site specialists. Selling unpaid invoices to a factoring company such as Catamount Funding at a discount is not a loan, and the invoices are the collateral in the transaction. Clients can choose to factor a subset of their invoices and the tailor-made solutions need not be limited to one crisis at a point in time, an ongoing plan can be developed to factor invoices over a longer period of time. This can be helpful when a company is looking to grow, or if major unexpected expenses have to be managed. Speaking about the importance of clear communication with a client, a representative from Catamount Funding states: "It's not surprising that many small business owners are timid when it comes to asking their customers for money. Although it can be uncomfortable at times, it is imperative that constant contact exists with your customer's accounts payable department. Furthermore, a lot of small businesses don't have the human resources to manage the task. Consider what Catamount Funding will do to help out in this scenario. When factoring your invoices, it's important that a strong line of communication be established with your customers' accounts payable departments. We will stay on top of the open invoices and manage the collections in a very professional manner. It has been our experience that after Catamount becomes involved, the average collection period of a new client shortens by 2-4 weeks!"

Typical factoring company sectors include landscaping, welding, technology, mechanical contractors, plumbing, pipe fitting, oilfield factoring services, including factoring for oilfield contractors, medical staffing factoring, temporary staffing factoring, construction factoring, and all types of suppliers.
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Catamount Funding has service regions across the US, including the Rocky Mountain Region, the West Coast Region, and the Midwest Region, as well as the Gulf Coast Region. In addition to factoring services, they offer consulting services, accounting, bookkeeping, and equipment financing. Open communication and productive teamwork are central to collaborations, creating unique and tailored solutions for each individual client.

Catamount Funding, one of the Houston invoice factoring companies offering freight bill factoring services, respects that time is often a critical factor in success and processes finance approval decisions within 48 hours. Their team of experts offers business invoice factoring services to relieve the cash flow bottleneck. The application process is simple and can be accessed via their website. Applications are welcomed from start-up companies as financing decisions are made primarily on the financial condition of the account debtors. Financial pressure need not stop a business from operating or growing, factoring accounts can deliver the working capital funds necessary to free up cash flow.

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Catamount Funding, Inc. is one of the premier Gulf Coast Factoring and Houston factoring companies, a financial services provider specializing in accounts receivables, construction factoring, invoice factoring, and Houston accounts receivable factoring, suited to small or medium-sized business owners.
A particular specialty is Houston freight factoring, otherwise known as freight bill factoring, or transportation factoring. Accounts Receivable Management is included with Catamount's Invoice Factoring Services.
They hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For more information on Texas Factoring services like purchase order financing, construction factoring, energy factoring, and Houston business receivable factoring, please visit:

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