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Catch-a-Poo Launched to Revolutionize Dog Walking with Remote Poo Capture Technology

The Catch-a-Poo is a newly launched device that helps people keep a distance from their dog’s waste while sanitarily removing it from the environment, thanks to an extendible remote capture device.


Oakland Park, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- With over 80 million dogs in the US and around 60 million dogs in Europe, there is no shortage of dog poo being produced. Unfortunately, this dog poo is unsightly, smelly, and loaded with dangerous bacteria hazardous to humans, animals and even the environment. Dog poo is also the cause of no shortage of disputes between dog owners and neighbors, pedestrians and others. Most dog owners are responsible and collect their dog’s poo in a plastic bag, but this puts them at health risk and is not a pleasant sensation. Catch-a-Poo ( is a new device that solves all these problems for everyone.

The Catch-a-Poo is a light weight collapsible rod that is nineteen inches when retracted and thirty four inches when extended. The rod has a bag attached to the end which can be placed beneath the dog to catch their poo before it hits the ground. The catch-a-poo accommodates multiple bag sizes and works on any size dog. It has been extensively product tested by the inventor and his 150lb Great Dane.

The Catch-A-Poo is even equipped for night use, with an attachable 9 LED flashlight included, and fifteen bags with the first purchase. Weighing just one pound, it is effortless to carry while walking the dog, and the bags are easily attached and removed to be disposed of.

A spokesperson for Catch-a-Poo explained, “The website is filled with comprehensive tutorials on how to use the product, explaining just how advantageous it is. It prevents owners from bending down or coming into contact with the poo, captures 100% of the waste and easily disposed of in a bin. The problem with retrieving poos after they’ve fallen is that they inevitably leave traces behind, where this offers the most sanitary possible solution, while being easy and affordable. To celebrate the launch, we are offering 60 free bags with every purchase so users can get underway right away.”

About Catch-a-Poo
The Catch-a-Poo is a light weight and portable device to catch dog poo before it hits the ground. The CatchaPoo eliminates the need to bend over and pick up Dog Poo off the ground, capturing 100% of the Poo to avoid cleanup issues and unwanted tactile interaction. For more information and videos please visit:

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