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Catch the Everything Financial Radio Show: Next Guest Is Harry Dent

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Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- An easy way to stay abreast of the latest financial happenings is to listen to financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen’s The Everything Financial Radio Show. Not only is it syndicated on two Michigan metro stations, you can also listen to Tubbergen and his weekly guest experts as podcasts at

With guest experts who are nationally and internationally known, Tubbergen gets to hear the opinions of a vast variety of individuals in the fields of finance, economics and politics. Tubbergen’s next guest is American financial newsletter writer Harry Dent. His latest book, The Great Depression Ahead, was on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Dent is also the creator of The Dent Methods, an economic forecasting tool.

Tubbergen, who is an author, radio show host, and CEO of USA Wealth Management, LLC, also spends a lot of time giving his opinions on the economy in his Moving Markets weekly newsletter at and in his online financial blog. One of his recent blogs was titled, “Making My Point.”

“A CNBC article this week made the point that recent QE3 measures announced by the U.S. Federal Reserve may not be enough,” began Tubbergen in the September 27, 2012 blog. “That’s the point that I made after the program was announced by the Fed. In fact, I’d make a more definitive statement – when examining the math, it will not be enough.”

Tubbergen’s site goes on to quote from the article, “The Federal Reserve’s latest easing move has been nicknamed everything from ‘QE3’ to ‘QE Infinity’ to ‘QEternal,’ but some on Wall Street question whether the unprecedented move will be QEnough.

With unemployment remaining high and the effects of previous Fed-sponsored quantitative easing programs a matter of debate, the central bank is embarking on a round of mortgage-backed securities purchases that will last until the jobless rate comes down to acceptable levels.

From Morgan Stanley chief equity strategist Adam Parker’s point of view, the Fed soon will find its new program inadequate.

The article goes on to state Parker believes the Fed “will dramatically augment this program (i.e., QE4) before yearend.”

“As I said at the opening of this piece, the math doesn’t favor the Fed’s policy succeeding,” explains Tubbergen. “With $57 trillion in total debt in the United States and the Fed’s deciding to print $40 billion a month of new money in order to buy mortgage-backed securities, this policy is akin to trying to use a garden hose to turn the Grand Canyon into a swimming pool.”

Tubbergen concludes the Fed’s latest QE measures “will be futile.”

To read the blog in its entirety go to and read his September 27, 2012 entry.

Tubbergen’s syndicated radio show can be heard on metro Michigan stations WTKG 1230 AM and WOOD Newsradio1300 AM and 106.9 FM.

Dennis Tubbergen has been in the financial industry for over 25 years and has his corporate offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tubbergen is CEO of USA Wealth Management, LLC and has an online blog that can be read at To view Tubbergen’s latest Moving Markets? newsletter, go to

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