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Catching Some Big Largemouth Bass

All bass fishermen and women have the same goal in mind. How do I catch big bass?


Mukwonago, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- In the course of the summer time they will be in deep underwater areas like submerged islands, rocky shoals and on weed edges. This is the kind of structure that will be the most effective in catching big bass during much of the year.

Cast some spinnerbaits or retrieve shallow running crankbaits along submerged weed patches. Bass of each species in deeper water can be taken with diving crankbaits. Largemouth techniques that get the job done elsewhere are also helpful. Do your home work. Fishing differs from flip-and-pitch kinds of casting techniques and casting around the shallow matted weeds, docks, and stumps, to thrilling top water jerkbaits, poppers, and hovering plastic worms.

Take into consideration that the time of year is also something to consider. Late spring to early summer depending on what the water temperature is at will be spawning time. The female will be on the beds guarding her eggs from anything that may come to invade her space. Top water lures can be especially exciting because the bass will kill it with lots of aggression. Water temperature for spawning bass is usually around 70 to 73 degrees. They like the water warm.

After bass spawn they tend to go into deeper water to rest. It can be a little tougher to get them to bite. They usually go into the deeper water and rest for awhile to recuperate from guarding their nests. The males can possibly be more ready to feed as opposed to the females. However you will need to locate them and present the right color bait and the correct artificial bait that will entice them to bite. Be sure to work lures at different speeds and at different depths and cover as much water as you can.

Always make sure, at any time of the year that you are fishing for bass that you have different colors of lures and of course different styles of baits. What I mean is have a good choice of plastic worms, top water baits, jerk baits, and spinner baits. Just make sure you are prepared for anything because you will not know what they will bite on at the particular time you are fishing.

I have always been a proponent of knowledge is the key to consistent and successful fishing no matter what you are fishing for. In order to catch big bass consistently you need to have a vast array of knowledge. Stop in at the local bait shop and ask them the question, “What have they been biting on lately?” You can save yourself some time by finding out if they are hitting on plastic worms or live bait. Then you will have an idea what to bring with you. So do your home work first and be prepared as the boy scouts like to say.

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