Joe Bragg Aims to Help Cat Owners Solve Their Pet's Dandruff Problems


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- New cat owners often don’t realize how much effort goes into caring for cats. Along with feeding the cat on a daily basis, pet owners need to wash their cat, trim its fur, and regularly clean out its litter box.

One website aims to make at least one of these problems significantly easier for cat owners to handle. That website is, which explains the intricacies of cat dandruff problems along with some of the best cat dandruff solutions available today.

At, visitors will find a number of detailed posts about cat dandruff and other cat grooming problems. The homepage of the site features information about the causes of cat dandruff as well as its symptoms. Cat dandruff can be caused by anything from environmental factors to hormonal imbalances and fungal infections. In some cases, cat dandruff can even be caused by a serious parasite or musculoskeletal disease.

But as a spokesperson for explained, one thing is common across all cases of cat dandruff – the mess left behind:

“Some homeowners notice cat dandruff lying around the house, especially in places where the cat likes to lie. But in most cases, cat dandruff is noticed only when the owner is petting the cat. The cat may indicate discomfort when a particularly sensitive area is scratched, or the owner may notice flaky bits in the cat’s fur. Sometimes, a cat dandruff problem is noticed due to its unique smell.”

No matter how the homeowner spots the cat dandruff problem, aims to make sure that problem never returns. The website features detailed explanations of a number of different cat dandruff treatments, including antiseborrheic shampoos, topical treatments, and oral cyclosporine.

Of course, all three of those treatment methods might be foreign terms to many cat owners, which is why the website also features a number of detailed reviews of some of the best cat dandruff solutions available today:

“Instead of giving cat owners general guidance about cat dandruff, we’ve reviewed some of the best cat dandruff products on the market today, including the best cat dandruff shampoo, topical treatment, oral remedy, moisturizer, and more. We rank some of the best budget cat dandruff solutions on the market today as well as some of the more premium solutions.”

Cat dandruff problems can be a minor skin dryness problem for cats, or it can be the early signs of something more serious. Those ready to learn more about the symptoms and causes of cat dandruff – as well as a number of possible remedies – can visit today.

About explains the causes and symptoms of a cat dandruff problem. The website features tips and tricks for solving cat dandruff problems as well as a selection of products cat owners can use to solve the dandruff problem. The site also explains that cat dandruff can be a relatively minor problem, or it can be the early signs of a more serious condition. For more information, please visit: