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Catdi Inc. Announces Acceptance of Bitcoin


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2014 -- Houston print company Catdi Inc. is proud to announce that they will now accept Bitcoin as a method of payment on most of their marketing services. Bitcoin has been increasing in popularity across the world, as it gives shoppers and retailers a way to use the same currency no matter what country they are located in. This opportunity will help Catdi Printing to expand their market share globally, while businesses are looking for alternatives to the United States dollar.

Ever since its release, the use of Bitcoin has been controversial, but it is increasing in popularity for retailers who want to keep up with the latest technology and trends. The concept of crypto currency is new and unique, but it is the future of payments. Bitcoin was created as a sustainable payment method for domestic and international use for people who wan an easy, secure and inexpensive way to send payments. By accepting Bitcoin, Catdi will be able to expand their services beyond just local clients in the United States. The use of Bitcoin opens up a multitude of opportunities as it is safe, simple and cheap. Bitcoin has a low collapse and inflation risk, while being portable and easy to carry.

The company is excited about the new implementation. Catdi will join the ranks of other well-known businesses including Zappos, Overstock, Tesla, Fiverr and CheapAir who accept Bitcoin. According to Carlos de Santos, President and CEO of Catdi, "We believe as commercial print house we are taking the lead in regards to accepting Bitcoin most of ours peers have not utilized Bitcoin as a sustainable method of payment."

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Started in 2004, Catdi, Inc. is a sizeable print provider in the U.S., offering a wide variety of Houston commercial print marketing services from postcards, business cards, graphic design, direct mail services and more. Catdi Printing offers strong online marketing networks and is dedicated to providing clients with the highest amount of exposure possible.

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