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Catered Food and Service Have Many Takers in Singapore

Catering service and restrauter find business booming


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Food is the most important of the basic needs of mankind. Hunger is the strongest force that drives and motivates all living creatures and even plants. Feeding the world’s millions is the gigantic problem before every government. The food industry is a complete global consolidation of varied businesses that produce, and supply much of the world’s food. The basis of all food is agriculture and a huge, all pervading industry is built on this human activity. Most of the food that is consumed is processed except for a handful of marginal farmers who consume just what they produce.

Food industry is so vast by the nature of the demand for food. This is one product that will never suffer due to lack of demand. Food industry, like all other industries have undergone radical transformation with the change in technology and lifestyles of people in general. Fast food culture has caught up with the populations in the remotest of areas who at on time looked with suspicion anything that was not grown in their own back yard and cooked at home. Technology has brought revolutionary changes in the processing and preservation of food and changed the eating habits of people in general.

Food industry in its great stride forward has sprouted many sub sectors of business that have become very popular and profitable in the right hands. Fast food is now universal and can be seen in any corner of a busy street. Big fast food joints like Mc Donald’s and KFC are global players with international presence. Catering of food services is a fast growing part of the food industry. It is a vital part of the food service industry. Catering, as is normally understood, refers to an event caterer who serves food with waiters and other supporting staff to the participants or the guests of the event. Food is either prepared on the site or brought cooked from the caterer’s kitchen. Now catering is a part of the event planning and is blended with the event. Nicely decorated foods are a treat to the senses and add to the festive mood of the event.

There are many caterers offering service to customers. Some come as a package with the event management service, but a majority operates independently and are exclusively catering service providers.Eatzi Gourmet in Singapore is a very popular catering outfit. The menu is varied and delicious and the service excellent. With eatzi Gourmet around, food catering in Singapore has attained new heights. It is a group comprising bakery, catering, and restaurant. They serve a variety of sizzling authentic continental, Chinese, Malaysian, and Singaporean cuisine.

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Eatzi gourmet is Singapore’s leading eatery combining bakery, catering, and restaurant. A wholly owned subsidiary of JP Pepperdine Group Pte Ltd., they serve authentic Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean, and continental food.

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