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Porterville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- In this day and age, everyone is heaped with an ever growing number of responsibilities that it becomes difficult to juggle around relationships. For those who have been married for a number of years, this is, undoubtedly, a great achievement on their part. However, for newly wedded couples, they would have to cross a number of hurdles along their way. For some, it can be too much to handle. There may be numerous reasons why they would even file for separation, yet it does not always have to be a divorce. Couples can always seek to have their marriage annulled, which basically means declaring the marriage null and void without being labelled as a divorcee.

There are various grounds for filing for annulment. There are certain situations where underage couples accidentally start their own families. They fail to comprehend the necessity of undertaking the responsibilities of an adult at such an early age in their lives. They would prefer a lifestyle more appropriate to their age. These situations happen more often than not and under such circumstances, couples can invoke their right to annulment. Other grounds for annulment include bigamy, marriage by force, incest, unsound mind, fraud or misrepresentation and incapability to consummate.

There are two types of annulment: a civil annulment which is granted by the state government after a court proceeding and a religious annulment which is granted by the Church. When one obtains a civil annulment, one can remarry civilly but it would not be recognized by the church. When one obtains a religious annulment, one can remarry either civilly or in the Church. An annulment dissolves a marriage but unlike a divorce, it treats a marriage as if it never happened. The Roman Catholic Church offers religious annulment after a civil divorce so that one or both of the parties may remarry within the Church and have the union recognized by the church. was created to help people understand annulments. Many people are confused about the differences between a civil annulment and a religious one. This website explains, in the detail, the differences. It also provides information about Catholic annulment and discusses various topics such as divorce among Christians, annulment under laws and many more. For more information please go to

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