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Cattle Guard Forms to Be Featured at the Sunbelt Ag Expo


Ocala, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- The latest in cattle guards will be showcased by Cattle Guard Forms at the upcoming Sunbelt Ag Expo. Organizers will feature these patented forms front and center in the livestock pavilion, booth 61, from October 16-18th. According to creator James Hoenstine, Cattle Guard Forms will officially unveil the first heavy duty cattle guard that any farmer or property owner can afford,"

"Cattle guards have become a valuable asset for managing a farmer's livestock and time. Often though, due to high cattle guard prices, farmers feel they have no choice, but to go with traditional cattle gates," Mr. Hoenstine explains. "Finding dependable, economical, strong cattle guards isn't easy. In fact, I found it almost impossible which is why I dedicated myself and a number of structural engineers to design engineer a cattle guard that's heavy duty and affordable. A cattle guard form is the result and we've designed it to accommodate various sized gate openings."

Each cattle guard form is constructed using pre-installed, light-weight 5/8" GFRP rebar and yet an 8'X6' form weighs only 140 pounds so it's easier and less expensive to transport. Retailers and farm supply stores now have a cattle guard that consumers can easily pick up and take home without a forklift or tractor. The traditional steel cattle guard of the same size can weigh as much as 1,200 pounds (not including the concrete footing). "When purchasing cattle guards, livestock and cattle farmers will save up to 50% over traditional steel cattle guards. To use the form, simply set it in the desired location, then pour concrete over it either using a mixer or concrete truck. Then just let it cure. There is no need to remove or flip the form."

Concrete is superior to steel in many ways. It is stronger, costs less and lasts longer. In fact, traditional concrete cattle guards weigh almost twice as much as their steel counterparts. Cattle Guard Forms solve this problem and combines the strength and affordability of concrete with the ease and mobility of a light-weight form, says James Hoenstine.

Each Cattle Guard Form is design engineered to achieve a certified HS-20 load rating which translates into 32,000 pounds per axle. The form itself only weighs 140 pounds. "This is one reason why we are able to offer substantial savings to our customers. The reduced weight of the form saves us money which we can pass on. Shipping anywhere in the United States is only $99, " Mr. Hoenstine goes on to say.

"Livestock farmers spend too much time opening and closing gates, but at the same time don't want to spend a great deal of money on overpriced cattle guards. Now they don't have to. To save our customers even more, we are offering a special discount ticket to anyone who meets us at the Sunbelt Ag Expo. So, if you are attending, be sure to stop by and visit for a few minutes," Mr. Hoenstine states. "We'll have a ticket waiting for everyone who does."

About Cattle Guard Forms
Cattle Guard Forms is dedicated to producing heavy duty, dependable cattle guards at an affordable price. The company mission is to provide customers with a professionally crafted cattle guard that offers value without cutting corners. The cattle guard form will deliver a dependable and long lasting cattle guard that's easy on the wallet. It's the creation of a farmer who was simply unable to find an economical, strong, dependable cattle guard design for use with his personal livestock.