Joe Bragg Launches an Alternate Supplement Strategy Where Only the Best Fitness Supplements Survive


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Body builders need all the help they can get to achieve a superhuman physique. The human body isn’t naturally equipped for massive muscles or incredible definition. To achieve truly impressive gains, the vast majority of bodybuilders rely on a regime of diet supplements to allow their body to train and repair efficiently thereby creating huge muscle gains.

One bodybuilding supplements related website that is getting a lot of attention recently is, a Canadian ecommerce website offering a range of dietary supplements suitable for body builders and anyone who is trying to improve their physique. offers supplements for a variety of different uses. They have products for people looking to gain weight, people looking to lose fat, and people looking to gain muscle. All of their products are designed to reach specific fitness and bodybuilding goals. Their weight loss products, such as hydroxycut, are particularly popular.

The supplements range isn’t particularly large in comparison to their competitors, but that is down to their strict policy of only stocking the most effective supplements. Most supplement websites force their customers to trawl through hundreds of ineffective products. only stocks the very best products in each category. has a very competitive pricing policy, with large discounts on popular products. These discounts include their special “deal of the day“ promotion, which offers a substantial discount on a different product every single day.

A spokesperson for the website said “A good diet, focused exercise and a suitable lifestyle are all important pieces of the puzzle for people working towards specific fitness and bodybuilding goals, but achieving spectacular muscular gains and superhuman definition is next to impossible without using supplements. There’s only so far that your own body can take you. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who have reached a plateau will find the supplements they need to help them reach their goals on our site. However, our products aren’t just useful for those who have exhausted the reserves of their natural muscular gain. They are also helpful for bodybuilders who wish to achieve the best possible results in the least amount of time. Working out with supplements is a faster, more efficient way to reach bodybuilding goals.“

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