Caveman Diets Review Announces Site Revamp

Revamped website now focuses on Paleo Diet cooking and recipes rather than diet plan reviews, reports Caveman Diet Reviews


East Orange, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Many people struggle with Paleo or Caveman diets because they don't know how to cook the meals that are required. To help with this problem, Caveman Diets Review ( has expanded its site to include plenty of cooking tips and cookbooks to make it easier for people to actually follow the unique diet plan.

"Many people understand the general idea of the Paleo Diet, but don't know how to actually put it into practice. We realized that this was a bigger problem than finding actual diet plans, so we've revamped our site to focus on the Paleo Diet recipes ( rather than more general information," said Davis Lubega, a representative of the site.

Many of the articles on the site deal with specific types of cooking or particular meals. There are plenty of Paleo Diet breakfast ideas (, tips for cooking with chicken, recipes for making soups, and recipes for cooking Paleo meals in a crock pot.

"We also offer a variety of cookbooks," noted Lubega. "These cookbooks are all in downloadable format, so anyone who buys one has instant access to the recipes. One of our most interesting offers has 1,000 recipes, all broken down by category and main ingredient. It also includes a quick start guide to the Paleo Diet itself."

Despite the revamp that brought the site to a recipe focus, it still offers a good amount of general Paleo Diet info ( and general information about how to get meals into compliance with the diet's rules. The general principle is simple: Diet followers eat like ancient humans are believed to have eaten. Processed foods are all eschewed in favor of natural options like unprocessed meats, fish, seeds, and fruits and vegetables.

Many Paleo Dieters say that they are successful using this method and that calorie counting is not required. This is likely because eliminating processed grains also gets rid of plenty of carbohydrates even with no specific effort to avoid carbs. Most people who avoid carbs, whether intentionally or not, find that their appetites decrease.

"One thing that makes the Paleo Diet so interesting is that it produces results without arduous efforts to avoid foods," Lubega said. "There is no need to look at labels to count carbs, fat, or calories."

"Where people run into problems," he continued, "is in learning how to cook without filling up meals with processed foods like pasta and bread. That's where our site comes in. It guides new and experienced dieters so that they can make delicious meals and snacks without falling back on the processed foods that have been making us fat."

Caveman Diets started out as a site for reviewing diets, but after realizing that most people had trouble with the cooking rather than understanding the diet, it revamped itself to focus on providing recipes and cooking methods that help its visitors put the diet into practice. It also offers a variety of recipe-rich downloadable cookbooks.