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Cavendish Imaging Offers 3D Printed Anatomical Models Providing Invaluable Aid to Doctors for Surgery and Treatment Options


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2023 -- Cavendish Imaging, a famous dental imaging centre in the UK, offers 3D-printed anatomical models that provide invaluable aid to doctors for surgery and treatment options. The models provide a tangible representation of anatomical structures that are difficult to visualise on 2D Imaging, allowing for a better understanding of the anatomy. They 3D print the models using medical images and scans obtained from CT scans, MRI scans, or ultrasounds. The models help reduce the risk of surgical errors by allowing surgeons to plan and practice procedures before operating on the patient.

The models are used to educate patients about their medical conditions and treatment options and help them make more informed decisions about treatment. The models have revolutionised the field of medical education and patient care, providing a highly accurate and customisable tool for surgical planning, treatment, and training. Their use of 3D printing allows them to create models that are highly accurate and precise, with intricate details that are difficult to replicate using traditional methods. Doctors looking for 3D-printed anatomical models of their patients can check out Cavendish Imaging's website for more information.

A representative from the company stated, "Our anatomical models provide you with an invaluable aid to visualising the region of interest at the time of surgery or when planning or discussing treatment options with colleagues or patients, without being tied to a computer monitor. They give you so much more information before you even enter the operating theatre and are often used to simulate surgery as it is possible to drill and cut into the models."

Cavendish Imaging is one of the most sought-after 3D dental scanning centres. Their highly skilled team can offer a broad range of services to meet the precise and personal needs of every one of their patients. Their services are carried out by their team of highly experienced engineers in a temperature-controlled workshop or on-site at your facility. The company deploys the latest imaging and information technology, facilitating efficient and practical service delivery.

About Cavendish Imaging
For more than ten years, Cavendish Imaging has provided a specialist imaging service for dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, dental implant surgeons and orthodontists, and facial plastic and ENT surgeons. They use the latest technology to produce high-resolution scan data in as little as 24 hours. The company is well informed in various specialities and can image patients with optimised low X-ray radiation dose and increased speed and efficiency. Their services include 3D facial scanning, cone beam CT scanning, and the production of medical anatomical models. Their centres are in Harley Street (Central London), Finchley (North London), New Malden (South London), Birmingham and Oxford. They also offer a walk-in service for most examinations in their London and Birmingham branches, with results available immediately.

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