CB-1 Weight Gainer: Review of a Weight Gain Supplement

Weight gaining pills and supplements are not as heavily featured in the supplement industry as weight loss ones. Yet CB-1 Weight Gainer reviews are now flooding the internet and beyond. Now find out the truth about this weight gain pill.


Newark, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- Turn on the television, and there are nothing more than pictures of celebrities who have recently lost significant weight. The infomercials that pepper late night television are no better as most of them promise fantastic weight loss with the newest and latest exercise.

What most do not understand is there is a group of people who are actively interested in weight gain. Professional bodybuilders, those who train their bodies to Adonis-like physiques, require certain amounts of weight gain to build muscle and keep their bodies at peak potential.

There are others who are looking to gain weight because of recent sickness or because of unhealthy underweight, a problem that can have its own set of health issues much like obesity.

Weight gaining pills and supplements are not as heavily featured in the supplement industry. The products rarely receive any attention or reviews. The attention and reviews the products do receive are often negative and cited as unhealthy.

CB-1 Weight Gainer is one such product that is trying to change these perceptions with positive information and promotion. Many have not caught on or seen the positive aspects of weight gain.

David Kamau of Vitamins and Health Supplements reviews products in the health supplement industry. He does so out of a keen interest for finding the best health products on the market.

“I am a fitness geek and I especially love bodybuilding. Back in the days, leaving in a poor country, my friends and family thought I was either nuts or stupid after I spent a whole month's paycheck on a Charles Atlas muscle building program," said Kamau.

Most of Kamau’s reviews center around products that supplement the body’s natural functions and vitamins that are necessary to overall health. His CB-1 Weight Gainer review is posted his review on his health products review blog.

“There is very little said in the industry about weight gain products,” said Kamau, “but this is one product that anyone who is serious about packing on pounds for optimum performance or returning to a healthy weight should consider.”

CB-1 Weight Gainer is made from 100 percent plant materials, so it is safe for those who live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Each order of CB-1 has a guidebook and information on how to gain weight safely and easily.

Kamau reviews supplements fairly and objectively. This is one of the first weight gaining products he has reviewed on his site.

Meanwhile, site visitors are encouraged to visit other aspects of his site to get a solid idea of his other recommended supplements and products.

Those wishing to purchase CB-1, or more information and testimonials click here.

Additional information is available at http://vitaminsandhealthsupplements.com/top-weight-gainer-supplements/

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