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CBI Group Reveals How Offices Can Be Ergonomically Set Up


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- CBI Group, a San Antonio based turnkey office interior solutions provider that specializes in office design and space planning, reveals how offices can be ergonomically set up. It provides an ‘Ergonomic Checklist’ that can be used to help office owners complete a risk assessment for workstation tasks.

CBi Group is more than just an office furniture outlet. Rather, it is composed of a forward-thinking, solutions-minded team that creates world-class workspaces on time and within budget.

“We know that today’s businesses have to consider their bottom lines along with their aesthetics and design. Rather than compromising the quality of your workplace with inappropriate office furniture that are not arranged ergonomically, CBI Group offers solutions that can get you up and running at a similar or lower investment. This gives you the benefit of being able to have brand new, high quality office furniture with full warranties and all the other advantages over used office furniture while minimizing what you spend,” the head of the company shares.

The Ergonomic Checklist is divided into six major categories, namely Keyboard, Mouse, Display Screen, Software, Furniture, and Environment, which are all essential in creating a comfortable and functional design for a workplace. It lists down questions that should be answered with a yes or no, and considerations that should be kept in mind by office interior designers. Another column, called Actions, shows blank boxes that will be filled up accordingly with regards to the recommended considerations.

A sample question under furniture includes "Is the chair adjusted correctly? The consideration given by CBI Group regarding this factor is this: "The user should be able to carry out their work sitting comfortably. Consider training the user in how to adopt suitable postures while working. The arms of chairs can stop the user getting close enough to use the equipment comfortably. Move any obstructions from under the desk."

The checklist consists of a total of 30 yes/no questions and considerations or tips to make a workplace ergonomically set up. To get a copy of the Ergonomic Checklist, download it from the company’s website at http://www.cbi-office.com.

“Our faster, better, and for-less approach along with our win-win culture and our strategic supply chain advantages make CBI Group the office furniture and office design provider of choice for substantial companies all over Texas and North America. All our team members take complete ownership of every project they are involved in. Whether it is 10 offices or 10,000 offices, our commitment is to providing complete satisfaction,” he adds.