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CCSolar.net Offers Solar Leasing, Helps Homeowners and Businesses Make an Energy Efficient Choice


Tulare, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Central California Solar is currently offering a solar leasing option with a $0 down payment, which can enable homeowners and businesses to make an environmentally friendly and energy efficient choice, while saving money every month. Central California Solar, one of the premier solar installers in the Central Valley and Fresno, is also offering free installation of the solar systems. Other than substantial reduction in monthly electric bills utilization of solar has other incentives such as Cash Rebates, reduced Property Tax, a 30% Federal Tax Credit, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and many others.

The media spokesperson of Central California Solar was quoted on the solar leasing option the company offers, saying, “The initial cost of solar systems has been a major setback when it comes to making the switch to solar power. Many homeowners, businesses and industries want to make an environment friendly choice however the lump sum cost is immense for them. Solar leasing was our solution to this common problem. With solar leasing, payment of the solar system can be made over a longer period of time and monthly electric bills can be slashed to a large extent. People who have now installed solar systems are paying less for the monthly solar system payment and new solar electric bills combined, then previous payments of electric bills. This difference in monthly bills clearly showcases that installing solar electric systems is almost always a cheaper form of energy use.”

Central California Solar has become a reputed company amongst various central valley and Fresno solar providers. The company informed that their solar systems use the latest technology and if there are any new improvements they will make changes to the installed systems accordingly. The company is also offering a free quote on their website CCSolar.net, to determine the cost of converting to solar energy for various homes, offices and industries.

Cities in California have shown an interest solar energy and there has been a dramatic increase in the number of solar installations in the last 5 years. This interest has given rise to many Fresno solar companies like Central California Solar who can now offer various options such as solar leasing at $0 down payment. Another free service which Central California Solar is offering is the transfer of the solar system in case a family moves to another location, a rare service amongst solar Fresno CA companies. The solar leasing option, added benefits and incentives of switching to solar energy and additional services offered by solar companies is definitely a display of the effort the state governments and solar electric system providers are willing to make to help homeowners, businesses and industries make an environment friendly choice.

About Central California Solar
Central California Solar is one of the leading companies that provides residential, commercial and industrial solar solutions. Through their online platform, http://ccsolar.net/, information regarding the various solar systems offered by the company and the solar leasing option can be viewed. The company is known for offering free installation, for its solar leasing provision which helps homeowners make an environment friendly and energy efficient choice without worrying about the initial solar electric system cost, in addition to their commitment to customer satisfaction and positive customer reviews.

For more information about Solar Leasing, or to schedule a free roof evaluation with Central California Solar, please call at (559) 467-1008 or email to jrector@ccsolar.net.