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CD Manufacturing Company Produces Customized USB Flash Drives on Demand


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- Executives at Unified Manufacturing, a CD storage case manufacturing business, today announced the company is now offering customized USB flash drives. One of the company’s latest orders came from well-known comedian Carlos Mencia. Mr. Mencia’s brand manager ordered one-hundred flash drives which were used to record the comedian’s latest tour and distributed to fans.

USB flash drives are becoming more and more popular simply because they are much smaller than regular storage disks and they’re able to hold hundreds of gigabytes in a small package. The biggest advantages of USB flash drives are they are detachable and rewritable. Most of them weigh less than 30 grams and they easily fit inside a shirt pocket or they can be hooked onto a key chain for easy access.

USB memory sticks have replaced older CDs and floppy disks and they are the new standard of storing and transferring information. They can store video files, documents, spreadsheets and any type of digital media which can be accessed on a computer or handheld device. One of the principles at Unified Manufacturing said, “We create custom USB flash drives to give our clients a wider range of options for their digital storing needs.”

“I’ve been using Unified Manufacturing for about three years now. They handle all of my CD packages and they are extremely affordable. I used to shop around online and I made the mistake once of using another company because they were about $10 cheaper. It wasn’t worth the effort because I spent more time with that company on the phone and going back and forth with emails because they screwed up my order.” – Alex Mendoza

In addition to USB flash drives, Unified Manufacturing offers customized CD case manufacturing, professional CD packaging, customized DVD packaging and promotional products. The company maintains one of the best pricing structures in the industry and their turn-around time is extremely fast.

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