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CDKPay Now Offers Merchant Account for Nutraceutical Businesses


Kowloon, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- Everyday, people are using nutraceutical products - whether it be daily vitamins for overall health, folic acid to look and feel young, or creams for great looking skin.

How big is the nutraceutical market? In the US alone, over 90 million people use dietary supplements daily and about 40% of the household food budget is spent on nutraceutical products such as special foods, food substitutes, dietary supplements and foods eaten for medical reasons.

Let's compare the nutraceutical market with the pharmaceutical market. In 2013, Americans spent well over $150 billion on prescription drugs. In the same year, Americans spent over $250 billion on nutraceutical products. The American nutraceutical market - $250 billion a year and growing - is 2.5 times larger than the prescription and over-the-counter drug markets combined.

CDKPay the global authority in merchant account processing launches a payment solution specifically fit for nutraceutical industry.

The vitamin and nutraceutical market has experienced immense growth in the past decade alone,because people are more conscious of their well being and aspire to live healthier lives. A number of companies in this industry are comprised of firms with fewer than 500 employees. There are tens of thousands of small and mid-sized health product manufacturers, new entrepreneurs, and start-up companies in this industry. They are experiencing exponential growth and are realizing that merchant accounts are critical to the life of their business.

At present, nutraceutical merchants often have a difficult time finding an acquiring bank that will work with their business model. With high chargebacks and continuity billing, banks consider them too much of a risk.

CDKPay now offers a solution to help nutraceutical merchants have reliable payment processing. The company’s vast experience and knowledge with alternative industries is an asset to their customers. They work with a wide network of banks to find the right relationship for their customers.

When it comes to finding a nutraceutical merchant account, every business would want a solution that is efficient, affordable, and reliable. CDKPay can provide that and more. They offer advice and guidance throughout the life of an individual merchant account that will help prevent fraud, reduce chargebacks, and increase profits. Their state of the art solutions are customizable, and their expert account managers can provide with an instant merchant account quote.

CDKPay now offers a solution to help nutraceutical merchants have reliable payment processing.

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