Joe Bragg Lists Best Nearby Commercial Driver's License Training Programs


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- Obtaining a commercial driver’s license, also known as CDL training, can be a life changing experience. Drivers learn important commercial driving skills throughout their training, and after graduation, trucking companies are eager to hire new graduates. However, before going through CDL training, aspiring truckers first need to find a good school in their local area.

That’s a problem that seeks to solve. is designed to help aspiring drivers find the perfect school for their needs. The website features a regularly-updated list of the best CDL training programs in the country as well as the tips and tricks young drivers need in order to succeed in their new careers.

In short, wants to help aspiring drivers prepare for a career driving commercial vehicles. The website’s spokesperson explains how the site plans to do that:

“Experienced truckers earn a competitive salary and can pick and choose where they want to work around the country. Before reaching that stage, young commercial truckers need to go through CDL training and build up experience with a good company. Our site is a free online resource that helps people pass their CDL training and earn a job with an excellent trucking company.”

Of course, trucking isn’t just about passing CDL training and finding a good trucking job. That’s why features a diverse range of tips and tricks for up-and-coming commercial drivers. The website stresses one tip above all:

“We recommend purchasing a truck before you start looking for a trucking job. This advice seems to be different than the advice given by most other career websites. Other sites suggest that drivers work their way through a mediocre job for a few years in order to build experience. However, by saving up to buy a truck, young truckers are at a significant advantage over their competition. Companies love hiring truckers with their own vehicles and truckers can make extra money by leasing their truck when not in use. Above all, truckers with their own vehicle take pride in their work and in their vehicle.”

In addition, buying a truck is an easy way to learn more about how trucks work and the unique handling details of each truck. This can help young drivers pass their CDL exam. Furthermore, some trucking companies are happy to pay new employees to take CDL training, in which case can help truckers find the best company sponsored CDL training.

Whether searching for a trucking job or looking for a local CDL training program, wants to help young truck drivers get their careers off to the best possible start. The site lists local training programs, CDL schools, and job listings for companies throughout the United States.

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