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CDN Antler See a Rise in Demand for Antler Chandeliers


Winnipeg, Manitoba -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- Chandeliers have been a symbol of opulence and luxury since their design became one of decorative splendor in the 15th century. Often made of gold and crystal, these pieces may look at home in a marble palace, but as we become further removed from nature in our every day lives, a new vogue has occurred for earthier alternatives. CDN Antler offer Chandeliers made from genuine antlers of Mule Deer, Fallow, White Tail and Elk, constructing electrical chandeliers whose mechanics are disguised within the construction to give a natural beauty to a warm lighting display unlike any other.

All the antlers used in their construction are gathered from seasonal sheds, meaning no animals are harmed in the creation of the products. From their beginnings as a bespoke luxury item, the popularity of their product has seen CDN Antler increase their range of chandeliers significantly.

Their website lists the chandeliers by antler type, size and use, including single to triple tier chandeliers, ceiling fans and pool table chandeliers. Each of the items comes replete with high quality imagery and thorough product description including materials used, dimensions and pricing. The site has more to offer than the antler chandelier alone, with antler sconces, lamps, furniture and accessories.

The company still creates bespoke antler chandeliers commissioned by individuals to their specific vision, while providing their expanded ranges at incredibly competitive prices. By buying direct from the website, consumers avoid mark-ups by middle-men and with orders shipped from North Dakota, any buyers out of state pay no tax on their order.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “These items have been a luxury item in world class hotels, hunting lodges and nature retreats for a long time, but trends like steampunk and the popularity of shows like Game of Thrones have given people a new appreciation for naturally crafted lighting solutions and our popularity has escalated quickly. We’ve expanded our range of products to meet the new demand, while maintaining the same high quality and prestige expected from our brand.”

About CDN Antler
CDN Antler has been offering the highest quality antler chandeliers to both homeowners and interior designers for over a decade. As one of the largest antler chandelier manufacturers, they are able to offer a wide selection of chandeliers at great prices. Their designs can be found in world class hotels as well as private mountain retreats and hunting lodges worldwide. For more information please visit: