Orange County SEO Offers Aesthetically Beautiful and Natural Antler Chandeliers and Lighting Accessories at Economical Prices has been in the business of providing Mule Deer Chandelier, Antler Chandeliers, Elk Chandeliers, and more, for over 12 years in North America.


Pembina, ND -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- is North America’s leading company providing Antler Chandeliers, Mule Deer Chandeliers, Elk Chandeliers, Fallow Chandeliers, Moose Chandeliers, Pool Table Chandeliers, and more. The company offers a wide range of raw and rustic antler chandeliers to suit the style, taste and preferences of the modern day customers. The company has a wide ranging catalog of over 130 different antlers, fixtures and accessories, and counting. All the products manufactured by the company are approved by concerned authorities in the USA and Canada and complies with the safety codes and conducts.

Antler Chandeliers are loved and used by many people who are looking to add a raw and rustic flavor to their home, office reception, restaurant or any other commercial or personal space. These types of chandeliers not only look different, but add a rustic theme to the house, which looks naturally elegant and pleasant. Antler, Moose and Mule Deer Chandeliers are mostly seen in ski lodges, log cabin and log homes as it adds a raw appeal to the ambiance and gives it the country flavor that goes along perfectly. Whether you go for deer chandelier or antler lighting manufactured by CDN Antler Designs, Inc. rest assured of getting a quality product at the most economical prices.

The company only uses the naturally shed antlers in its manufacturing process and strictly does not cause any harm to deer or any other animals. Each and every antler is hand-picked and selected after checking its size, color, texture and curve to ensure that the end result is well aligned with the overall design and will provide long lasting quality, beauty and value for money. CDN Antler Designs, Inc. also provides custom antler lighting and antler chandeliers to commercial establishments like retail spaces, restaurants, vacation rentals, casinos, hotels, and more. These antler chandeliers are generally available in sun bleached and natural brown color. The company also provides replacement, exchange and refund guarantee to the customers till 30 days after purchase. This ensures complete satisfaction to the customers.

The company has a team of experienced and expert craftsman who handcraft each and every antler light and chandeliers to provide high quality product always. The electrical wires and junction box are carefully threaded and concealed to uplift the final presentation and outlook of the chandelier, while ensuring complete safety from electrical hazards.

About has been in the business of providing Mule Deer Chandelier, Antler Chandeliers, Elk Chandeliers, and more, for over 12 years in North America. The company has a huge list of antler light and chandelier products and accessories for the customers to choose from. New products and designs are added regularly to provide customers with more choice at affordable prices. Contact the company at 250-217-8702 or visit for more details.

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