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CEA Testing Market Is Influenced by Technological Breakthroughs That Aids in Revealing the Genetic Basis of the Disease

CEA Testing Market - Industry Analysis and Forecast upto 2019


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2016 -- Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) is a protein usually produced in the developing fetus and disappears or is absent in adults. Abnormal amounts of this protein may lead to cancer. CEA test is performed to measure the level of proteins and check for the recurrence of colon and other cancers in patients already diagnosed with cancer. The normal accepted range of this protein is 0 micrograms to 0.25 micrograms per liter. Elevated levels of CEA in the patients recently treated for cancer, indicates recurrence of the cancer.

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These elevated levels are attributed to different types of cancers and other conditions such as cholecystitis, lung infection, heavy smoking, inflammatory bowel diseases, peptic ulcer, etc. High levels of CEA are also found in the patients who are not diagnosed with cancer which might increase the risk of acquiring cancer. Hematoma (blood accumulating under the skin), infection, dizziness and excessive bleeding are some of the risks associated with abnormal levels of CEA. The abnormal levels of CEA in the body can be detected by using arcitumomab a monoclonal antibody; these are commonly used in the identification of glycoprotein expression in tissue samples.

In the last few years, the global market for CEA testing has exhibited impressive growth, due to the evolution of the latest technologies and the discovery of specific biomarkers and antigens. Additionally, the rising incidence of cancer and other chronic ailments has been aiding the expansion of the market as well. To provide a holistic overview, the report segments the market on the basis of instrumentation in terms of tests performed in specific regions. The future prospects of the CEA testing market have been measured by conducting a qualitative analysis on patent protection and the regulatory policies prevalent in the market.

Substantially benefitted by technological breakthroughs in genetic analysis of the disease and accuracy of diagnosis, and rigorous research and development activities, the global CEA testing market is anticipated to exhibit a positive CAGR during the report's forecast period. The market will also gain impetus from the growing geriatric population and the subsequent rise in chronic ailments worldwide.

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Despite witnessing positive growth prospects, the market's trajectory will be inhibited due to the inadequate awareness regarding the novel technologies available in the CEA testing market. To study the market from a bird's eye view, the report also profiles some of the leading companies operating therein such as Danaher Corporation (Beckman Coulter), Abbott Laboratories, Epigenomics, Life Technologies Corporation, Siemens Healthcare, BioMerieux, Qiagen N.V., and, Myriad Genetics.

The exhaustive information and relevant statistic compiled in the report are intended to update stakeholders about the prevalent market dynamics and assist them in determining winning strategies for the future.