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Cebu Based Technology Company Synacy Announces the Philippine-Wide Synacy Software Engineering Graduate Program


Cebu City, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 -- Synacy is committed to providing an engaging employment environment for people to develop their skills and engage in solving complex and rewarding problems by building a culture that rewards initiative, hard work and ingenuity.

In line with this, Synacy is launching the Synacy Software Engineering Graduate Program which targets the top performing recent graduates of IT and computer science degrees who aspire to become first class software engineers. The program is run in partnership with Orange & Bronze Software Labs (O&B) who will provide the training component in Manila before trainees are relocated to Cebu.

The program is open to graduates within the Philippines and is an extremely attractive way to start or boost a career with Synacy meeting all expenses for flights, the cost of the training, as well as providing a training wage and accommodation.

The core of the traineeship period is a 6-week course delivered through O&B's "O&B University" in Manila focusing on Java object oriented programming, web applications and frameworks. The remainder of the intensive training period takes place on the job at the newly completed Synacy headquarters in Cebu City, where trainees will undergo intensive mentoring and tutoring in both technical and business areas relevant to their new appointment.

After this intensive 10-week traineeship is complete, trainees will most likely be appointed as graduate engineers and will spend at least 6 months developing their experience at Synacy before being assessed for full time appointment as an associate engineer. Throughout this time they will have access to benefits such as catered meals at the Synacy Cafeteria. As they progress to a full time appointment they will have new responsibilities and the ability to access more benefits such as HMO cover for them and their family, team building days and further learning & development assistance.

Program participants will also be able to make new friends and work in an environment where they have joined as a collegial group, potentially from other parts of the country and end up working in a team that trained and deployed together. The company expects that many will be attracted to the environment itself also, “The benefits and tools just make it easier to do what’s rewarding, but the reality is a lot of us would do exactly the same things in our off time. We’re really trying to attract those people,” said Tom Okagami, VP. “Our employee proposition is all about rewarding those who use their brains. Exploring and hacking things with initiative because they don’t know any other way to be. This kind of enthusiasm is infectious,” he explains further.

With such a strong program on offer the selection criteria is equally tough. Traditionally, only 1-3% of all applicants see full time employment under O&B’s strict selection process made even tougher by Synacy's exacting requirements.

For more information on the Synacy Software Engineering Graduate Program visit the program site at: http://programs.synacy.com

About Synacy
Synacy develops software and supports businesses for companies within its own management group with diverse interests ranging from mineral exploration to information technology and telecommunications businesses.

The company aims to build a culture that rewards initiative, hard work, ingenuity, and to provide a platform for people who aspire to excel their field.

About Orange and Bronze Software Labs:

Orange and Bronze Software Labs specializes in Java product development and systems architecture through providing software development engineers, training and consultation services to clients requiring well-trained and able individuals and teams.

O&B is considered to be at the forefront of Agile software methodologies in Asia and have an impressive portfolio of clients such as HP, IBM and Cisco, as well as being a Google Enterprise Partner. With such credentials, O&B University is known as a considerable brand for training graduate engineers looking to further their technical ability and preparing them to join companies of other able technical specialists.