Ceiling Cleaning to Remove Hidden Health Hazards in Offices

Ceiling cleaning important for building maintenance; a less costly method for better corporate image, better air quality and a healthier environment.


Calgary, Alberta -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- Those dark, dirty and neglected ceilings you see in offices or restaurants are not only ugly, but can pose a health threat to staff and customers. By implementing scheduled maintenance checks and professional ceiling cleaning services, IAQ (indoor air quality) will be greatly improved, the aesthetic look of the space will be restored, and best of all, this can be done at a cost 75% less than replacing ceiling tiles.

Over time, acoustic ceiling tiles collect dust, pollen, pollutants and disease producing micro-organisims that are lurking in ceiling tiles and the spaces above then, re-circulated in the HVAC system. This hidden hazard is often ignored by busy building managers, particularly when options such as tile replacement or painting are costly, messy and require down time. Unlike replacement or painting, the ceiling cleaning and restoration process is non-toxic, less costly, can be done during closed hours and is very effective at removing germs, soil, even grease and water stains. As well, this process retains the acoustic and fire retardant qualities of ceiling tiles which the painting process will destroy.

"Too often we see soiled ceilings that have been long neglected. People just aren't aware of the damage this unclean surface can have on staff health and morale," says John Kangles, President of Eco-Friendly Building Services, a commercial cleaning and ceiling restoration company in Calgary. "Once building managers see the results and realize the benefits of a regular ceiling cleaning program, it quickly becomes part of their maintenance plan and budget."

Job site video as well as before and after photos document the impressive results of the ceiling cleaning and restoration process.

According to BOMI (Building Owners and Managers Institute), the recommended check and cleaning schedule for ceilings is 2-3 years in offices and 3-6 months for areas that generate more pollutants such as kitchens. If ceiling tiles have absorbed noticeable quantities of soil or water then they will also be holding a surprising amount of contaminants.

A regular cleaning program may be seen as an added expense now, but it will prove to be a very worthwhile investment in building appearance, company image and the health of personnel for the future.

Ceiling Professionals International (CPI) is the worldwide leader among ceiling cleaning companies. The CPI national and international network includes over 500 CPI dealers in over 47 countries, who serve thousands of satisfied customers everyday. Ceiling Pro International is excited to now be represented in Alberta, Canada, as a division of Eco-Friendly Building Services.

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