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Ceiling Fans and How to Select Them Are Covered in Newly-Launched Website, the Ceiling Fan Site


Kendal, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- The Ceiling Fan Site, a website that is devoted to helping people select the right ceiling fans for their homes, has just launched its brand new and easy-to-navigate site. The site features a huge amount of information on ceiling fans that is ideal for DIY and home improvement devotees who are looking to install one of the popular fans in their home or office.

Over the years, ceiling fans have changed significantly from huge and loud whirring machines to stylish and quiet fans that definitely add to a room’s décor. Although many stores sell a variety of ceiling fans, it can be difficult and even confusing at times for people to know which type is best for them and the various rooms in their home.

With its vast array of educational articles, The Ceiling Fan Site helps to take the mystery out of purchasing a ceiling fan. Through the articles on the website, plus blog posts from the site’s in-house team of bloggers, the site endeavors to bring people the most important and up-to-date information about purchasing a ceiling fan.

In addition, the website also includes plenty of helpful instructions on how to properly install, maintain and clean a ceiling fan, as well as how to use it in the most effective way possible.

“Did you know for example that in winter if it is cold and you have your central heating on you should have the fan turning so that the flow of air is moving downwards away from the ceiling and towards the floor?” an article on the new website asked, adding that because heat rises, by doing this the fan will push all the warm air back down into the room.

“On the other hand in Summer when the air temperature is high and you have your air con blasting out (and running up your electricity bill!) it is highly recommended that you have your ceiling fan spinning so that the air flow is moving upwards from the floor in the direction of the ceiling.”

Anybody who is interested in learning more about ceiling fans is welcome to visit the new website at any time; there, they can browse through the plethora of articles and blog posts dedicated to ceiling fans. A list of categories is located on the right hand side of the page; this will help readers find the specific type of information they are looking for quickly and easily. For example, people who are interested in learning more about how ceiling fans can help save energy can click on “energy efficiency” to be taken to a page filled with information about this topic.

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