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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Skin Whitening Kojic Soap for FREE

Skin whitening expert Kojic Acid Soap is celebrating Chinese New Year by giving of freebies on selected item.


Cheltenham, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- Skin whitening expert http://kojicacidsoap.org/ is joining the celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year by giving of freebies with every purchase of selected product starting February 10.

Chinese New Year is the most important traditional Chinese holiday. This holiday is also the longest festival for the Chinese which starts on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar and lasts for fifteen days. This celebration is also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.

Aside from marking the beginning of the summer season, Chinese New Year is also a time of recognizing centuries of beliefs and behaviors, myths and traditions for the Chinese.

Kung Hei Fat Choy is the usual greeting for this season which means “May you prosper” and with this Kojic Acid Soap is greeting all of its patron and celebrating the Chinese New Year with an array of freebies.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Kojic Acid Soap is now in partnership with http://kojicsoap.org/ . For every purchase of Kojic Acid Cream buyers will automatically get FREE Kojic Gluthatione Soap. This is on top of the free Kojic Acid Cream (Buy 1, take 1) that buyers will receive. Promo will run from February 10 till February 28, 2013.

Kojic Acid Cream is a natural skin lightener that helps in removing freckles, acne, dark spots, age spots, stretch marks and more. It can also be used on hands, neck and other areas affected with dark pigmentation resulting to an even skin tone plus it also has antioxidant properties for healthier skin.

Kojic Glutathione Soap is an effective skin whitener that consists of the double power blend of Kojic Acid and Glutathione. Kojic Acid is a mushroom derivative that acts as an anti-oxidant that lightens pigmentation and dark spots. It also has anti-bacterial properties that treat acne and other skin problems. Glutathione extract is combined with kojic extract to produce a lighter and more youthful skin.

Use Kojic Acid Cream in conjunction with Kojic Glutathione Soap for faster results. For more information and to view other skin whitening products available, please visit http://kojicacidsoap.org/ and http://kojicsoap.org/.

About KojicAcidSoap.Org
KojicAcidSoap.Org is a fast rising skin whitening expert that brings trusted and effective products on skin lightening. Some of their products available in the market are Kojic Acid Cream, Papaya Kojic, Kojic Acid Lotions and Kojic Acid Soaps.

KojicSoap.Org offers a comprehensive range of different Kojic Acid soaps variations like Premium Kojic –Glutathione soap, Kojic Glutathione, Kojic Fast Lightening, Kojic Original soap and more.

Kojic soaps are guaranteed to be effective because of their active ingredient which is kojic acid. This substance blocks and minimizes the production of melanin. Aside from exfoliating the skin and revealing a lighter tone, it also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

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