Celebrated Hub Supports the Employment of People with Learning Disabilities


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2013 -- Celebrated Hub is a company comprised of a group of people that fully believe those who suffer from learning disabilities ( should be given the same employment opportunities as those who do not suffer from learning disabilities. The organisation came to be in 2013 when Ruth-Ellen Henry-Ovid ( launched it after having recently found out that Ruth was suffering from both Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. Upon her diagnosis, she came to realise that she would not be limited in her career options simply because of her learning disability. Not only had she successfully attended university, she even taught herself everything she needed to know about using WordPress, despite having a disability she wasn't even aware of but she has successfully closed multi million pound deals with Large enterprises as a sales professional for 15 years. After having been diagnosed with Dyspraxia, Ruth began to realize that the disability was the reason why she was often chosen last for teams and other group activities when she was in school. After organising events to cater for people with learning disabilities it was apparent that learning disabilities affected quite a lot of adults & children and their real issues within employment wasn't being addressed.

Start Up Companies Successfully Run By People with Learning Disabilities

Ruth founded Celebrated Hub to help those with learning disabilities ( to thrive in the working world, whether that means launching a start-up company of their own or succeeding in an already existing company, despite their learning disability. In the past, jobs for people with disabilities have often been thought of as lower ranking and less prestigious jobs. Part of the goal of Celebrated Hubs is to eliminate this way of thinking and to show the world that those with a disability that impacts their ability to learn deserve to succeed as much as anyone else. Celebrated Hub is meant to unite people and erase the barriers between those with a learning disability and those without one. Their goal is to create a strong network of working individuals who all have equal opportunities in this world.

Celebrated Hub Aims To Educate Companies

One of the main reasons that Celebrated Hub exists is to help companies that may not understand employees with a learning disability can be just as valuable to them as any other employee. Equality for everyone in the workplace can be a struggle when companies are biased towards those with learning disabilities. Celebrated Hub aims to convince companies with a bias that they are harming themselves by discriminating against learning disabled workers. Socially responsible companies know that this bias hurts their bottom line. Celebrated Hub is passionate about forming a business incubator to help companies appreciate employees with learning disabilities. Since stakeholders in companies, as well as humanitarians often care about equality in the workplace, Celebrated Hub wants to convince everyone to push for workplace equality(

Anyone who would like to support the Celebrated Hub ( is urged to donate to their project on Rocket Hub, which can be found at Celebrated Hub welcomes contact from individuals and companies who want to get involved.

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