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Celire Offers Online Choice in Household Items Without High Prices

The new website,, is an affordable alternative for the purchase of household items.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Digital shopping has taken over and the world will never look the same way again. Almost two-thirds of all Americans do their shopping online today and those numbers are growing. Convenience is certainly one reason for this trend, but also the fact that online retailers do not have to load the cost of a brick and mortar storefront on consumers and can pass along cheaper prices to their customers. This is exactly the business model that Celire is banking on. A quick perusal of the website will show prices on brand new items reduced by 10% generally from those prices found on Internet giant, Amazon.

From packs of "must have" beauty trending items like to Lime Crime lipstick s to food dehydrators, Celire delivers. The storefront is currently bare-bones as far as fancy designs and ogos while they make incremental design changes, but the engine works and consumers looking to buy their items at 10% discount can start shopping. Celire will also begin offering daily specials for even deeper discounts, but the goal with this website was to offer an alternative to the prices on Amazon and other retail sites which have been rising steadily despite not having a storefront.

"What we wanted to do was provide a place where people could purchase unique household items at low prices. That's it," CEO explains. "It felt like the only way to get a deal on Amazon anymore was to buy a used item or a discontinued item and all of us here felt like there was just a better way of offering consumers a choice of new items at lower prices."

Celire offers a safe shopping experience, promotional prices on many items, and discounts that are organic and don't require that an item be damaged or irregular first. For more information about their product line or their safety guarantees, visit the website at:

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