Cell Phone Holder by enviCAR Helps Reduce Road Traffic Accidents

A quarter of car accidents in the US are caused by cell phones


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- According to a new report people who use their mobile phone while driving cause a quarter of road traffic accidents. Although many people may think these accidents are due to a person talking on their cell phone, in reality some of these accidents are caused by people using their cell phone GPS system.

enviCar, the company who has launched their popular Car Mount – Cell Phone Holder on Amazon for $17.97, has said the road traffic accidents could be reduced if drivers secured their cell phone. According to police, people putting the cell phone on their knee and looking down for directions on the GPS system cause some the distractive driving accidents. That means drivers are not watching the road, and before they know it, they could crash into another vehicle. That is why road traffic prevention experts advise drivers to buy a cell phone car mount to avoid accidents that could result in the loss of life.

The cell phone holder by enviCar ( allows the driver to fix their phone securely and have eye contact with the GPS system without taking their eyes off the road. The mount is secured to the air vent and fits any size smartphone. Through the use of the cell phone car mount, it helps to prevent accidents and with the positive reviews by consumers and professional reviewers, it is a product that each car should have.

With 1.2 million vehicle accidents on the road in the US in 2013, the envicar cell phone mount could help reduce that number and help reduce the number of deaths on the road.

A spokesman for enviCar said: "We are pleased that our cell phone car mount is helping people to avoid accidents. The car mount is a very important product and allows the driver to drive safely."

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About Car Mount - Cell Phone Holder by enviCAR
Car Mount - Cell Phone Holder by enviCAR is a new product that helps to keep a cell phone secure in a vehicle while driving. The product is available for all smartphones.