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Cell Process Technology Brings Efficiency to Contract Manufacturing Companies


Bellingham, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2012 -- Cell process technology allows a company to engineer and manufacture products in a cohesive, efficient way. At Antron Engineering & Machine, Anthony Denietolis, Jr. leads the engineering department as the company creates innovative products for a wide array of industries. This Q&A shows how this technology has helped clients meet market demands and make Antron one of the leading contract manufacturing companies in the world.

Explain the basics of cell process technology:
Cell process technology takes a conventional milling department, conventional labor department, and conventional assembly department and moves the equipment together from the different departments to create a cell. With this you can readily move from one machine to another rather than one department to another. This creates a very cohesive flow.

What types of components or tools can this type of technology help create?
Cell process technology helps create products for the medical, defense, electronics, and many other industries.

What machines are used in these processes?
Horizontal mills, vertical machining centers, and specialized lathes such as screw machines and live tooling lathes are used in this type of technology.

Does this type of technology allow you to work with special materials?
With this technology, you can work with high-end plastics, special carpentry materials, and apply heat treatments. This is especially useful in electronic applications. We have an $80 million dollar vacuum that treats parts. This technology can be used to machine products as well as design and assembly them.

Do any employees have special schooling in this type of technology?
Workers who use this type of technology know special software for design, CAD-CAM applications, and are educated in laser design, manufacturing, and testing the product results of this type of technology.

What types of semi-finished or finished products can Antron create for clients with this type of technology?
Products created with this technology include medical devices, supermarket and retail scanning devices, laser devices, and even products from the cryogenics industry. Antron has also created products for the beauty industry such as machines that automatically dispense hair coloring foils. We’ve also devised a hollow core drill for the Mars Lander that drilled Martian soil.

What are the benefits to using this type of technology?
This technology allows a concept to get to market quicker. Especially in the laser industry where products typically have a three-year lifespan, it is critical for the product to debut at a trade show and have the product be high quality. This technology can help with in-depth tooling design and get the prices down.

Clients come to us who have a frequent problem: they can find a good machine house but are having trouble finding a good design house, or vice versa. Antron has all of this under one roof. We can bring a concept to life quickly. We can go to a client meeting at 9 a.m., and then go back to the shop and design something. The second shift workers can then work on it, and by the next morning parts are ready to be put together. By 3 p.m. that day we can have a prototype to a client. This turnaround time, quality, and reasonable cost cannot be found any place else.

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