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Cellular Health Screening Market to Reach US $3.1 Billion by 2022


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2018 -- The global cellular health screening market has come up at a steady rate in the last few years due to the growth of the healthcare sector across the world, which has led to the availability of technological advancements enabling advanced cellular studies. Cellular health screening allows physicians to understand how the body is functioning at a cellular level, including a clearer understanding of how various bodily systems are functioning and how aging has affected them. The clearer understanding of the body's functioning on the whole provides physicians more options to come up with more efficacious targeted treatment and management plans for a number of disorders. Monitoring ongoing treatments is also made easier with the help of cellular health screening, as it allows for dynamic calibration of the treatment plan according to the body's response to various components of the treatment.

The global cellular health screening market is likely to exhibit a strong 8% CAGR between 2017 and 2022, according to Transparency Market Research. The valuation of the cellular health screening is expected to rise from US$2.1 bn to US$3.1 bn over the forecast period.

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One of the prime drivers for the global cellular health screening market is the growing geriatric population across the world and particularly in developed regions, where the cellular health screening market is likely to receive a dominant share of its demand in the coming years. The geriatric population has become a dominant contributor to the healthcare sector in recent years due to the high disposable income of the geriatric demographic in developed regions and the rising average age of death, which is prolonging the demand for healthcare services from the geriatric demographic.

The growing geriatric demographic in regions such as North America and Europe and the steady government support to technologies that improve geriatric care is thus likely to remain a key driver for the global cellular health screening market in the coming years.

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Growing focus on preventative healthcare is also likely to benefit the global cellular health screening market in the coming years. The benefits of advancing preventative healthcare over curative methods are tangible in terms of economics as well as the health benefits, leading to several governments across the world emphasizing on the need to improve screening services in order to diagnose disorders as soon as possible, making it easier to deal with them.

The cellular health screening market is likely to gain significantly from this trend in the coming years, as cellular health screening provides a look into the functioning of multiple systems in the body as well as into the effect of the aging process on the health of each part of the body.

On the other hand, a key restraint hampering the growth prospects of the global cellular health screening market is the difficulty encountered by healthcare agencies in transporting bodily samples and maintaining them in the ideal condition to perform cellular health screening. Due to the comprehensive analysis offered by cellular health screening, the methods require pristine samples, which can be difficult in emerging regions due to the lack of advanced transportation options in the healthcare sector.

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Leading players in the global cellular health screening market include Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, Bio-Reference Laboratories Inc., Cell Science Systems Corporation, Cleveland HeartLab Inc., Genova Diagnostics Inc., Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, Life Length S.L., and SpectraCell Laboratories Inc.