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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- This is the most up-to-date market report focusing on Cellular Therapy and the HSCT/Cord Blood Market Landscape, published by Select Biosciences. In this comprehensive market report, we have focused primarily on quantitative market metrics in order to characterize the growth and evolution of the cellular therapy field--in this vein, we present primary industry data that Select Biosciences has collected as part of its continual industry tracking of this space.

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We've analyzed clinical trial trends and the evolution of several therapeutics areas within cellular therapy [orthopedic, skin/wound care, cardiovascular, and CNS disorders] and present the current status of every single program within the preclinical through the various clinical trial phases and onto commercialization. We also present the breakout of clinical trials in the bona fide cellular therapy sector with respect to geographic breakout, breakout by type of cells utilized, and disease classes interrogated.

Select Biosciences has also provided a detailed quantitative analysis of the cord blood field as it is rapidly evolving. Our coverage provides hard numbers on sizes of the various registries, the TNC breakouts of banked units, detailed cost breakouts for banking as well as HSCTs utilizing cord blood. Furthermore, given our global footprint, we've been able to compare the EU and US markets side-by-side in this analysis.

Select Biosciences also presents the ATMP regulatory guidelines governing the marketing authorization of cellular therapeutics in the European Union. Details on the statute as well as implications to companies seeking to navigate this space are provided.

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Extensive Market Analyses

Presented in this Report

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research Activity in the US
Sales of Commercial Products and Services in Stem Cell/Regenerative Medicine Sectors
Breakout of Spending by Companies in the Cellular Therapy/Regenerative Medicine Space
Breakout of Spending by Product Platforms in Various Spaces
Autologous vs. Allogeneic Business Models in the Cellular Therapy Space
Autologous vs. Allogeneic Cellular Therapy: Industry SWOT
Adult Stem Cell Therapy Quantitative Market Forecast
Cellular Therapy Product Pipeline
Clinical Trials Quantitative Metrics and Detailed Breakout by Phase, Cell Type, Therapeutic Areas Addressed, Geography
HSCTs Performed in the EU: Percent Breakout by Disease Classes Addressed
Indications for HSCTs in North America: Disease Classes Addressed, Age of Recipients, Types of HSCs Utilized, Classes of Transplant Inoculum
Cost Analyses of HSCTs in the EU vs. US Markets
Cord Blood Banking Quantitative Market Metrics
Growth of BM, PBL, and CB Units Worldwide in Public Banks and Registries, Segmented by Country
Cord Blood Transplantation Trends: Age of Recipient, Disease Classes Addressed
EU and US Cord Blood Transplantation Detailed Cost Breakouts
EU ATMP Regulation Detailed Analysis
Stem Cells Worldwide Publications Analysis

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