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Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2013 -- Rich "Slayer of Stubborn Fat" Tweten is a Certified Personal Trainer and author of PFL90, The Ultimate Psychologically Based Fat Loss Plan for Beginners. He has recently launched the informational website to help those suffering from the unsightly affects of cellulite.

Said Rich Tweten, "Cellulite is a predicament that affects over 90% of all women, including skinny females involving body fat and skin structure." He continued to say, "Since there are an overabundance of cellulite treatments in the marketplace such as lotions, creams, oils, gels, wraps and clothing that may only offer short-term improvements to the appearance of cellulite, I felt the need to promote the work of a credible source that can actually help to remove cellulite for the long-term."

The most common phrase "orange peel" is used to describe this most troublesome skin condition and cellulite is visible to the naked eye or when pinching the skin around common problem areas such as the thighs, butt, stomach, lower back and underarms.

Cellulite is caused by protrusions of subcutaneous fat within the fibrous connective tissues in the skin that connects it to the muscle. Obviously, this tissue has become stretched or less able to rebound over time which has made it easier for the subcutaneous fat to fit inside.

For the most part, this unfortunate result can be blamed on a poor diet, along with a lack of consistent exercise and due to this, Rich recommends Dr. Charles Livingston's cellulite solution.

Dr. Charles is a board certified chiropractic wellness practitioner, certified advanced nutritionist, speaker and author among other things. He received his doctorate of Chiropractic graduating with honors from the world famous Palmer college of Chiropractic and has studied a variety of healing techniques and invested thousands of hours researching nutrition and weight loss publications.

Through his extensive training he's become a well rounded doctor and has also gained vast experience in healthy and permanent weight loss. His approach is to create an optimal environment for the body to heal by utilizing the best techniques, state of the art research and top of the line nutritional supplementation.

As an avid writer and author, Dr. Charles has written numerous health related articles and a series of books titled "Fat 2 Fit Weight Loss Systems".

You've probably heard of his popular eBook called the Fat Loss Factor as it's one of the top selling health and fitness related products sold on Clickbank, the leading online retailer of digital products and now he's helped more than 100,000 people to lose weight in a successful manner.

Rich says, "Knowing how many people he's already helped inspired me to purchase and study his Cellulite Factor System." "After discovering just how effective the information inside was, I then wanted those suffering from the dimples and folds known as cellulite to become better educated on how to actually correct the problem in a healthy and efficient manner."

The Cellulite Factor isn't a large eBook but what it doesn't have in terms of quantity is certainly made up for in quality as the relevant information inside is brought to the readers attention in a logical and step-by-step manner which is very simple and easy to read then understand.

However, you can be the best judge after reading my unbiased expert review of the Cellulite Factor System which includes meal plans and a cookbook, along with a journal for your tracking purposes, grocery list and toxic avoidance handbook:

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Rich "Slayer of Stubborn Fat" Tweten is a Certified Personal Trainer and author of PFL90, The Ultimate Psychologically Based Fat Loss Plan for Beginners! Since 2002, he's helped thousands of people who've accidentally programmed their bodies to be overweight for life to achieve rapid and permanent fat loss results through the successful transformation of their mindset.