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Centaur: New Suspense Series Uses Magic of Storytelling to Fuse Dark Innocence with Alluring Quirk

Making it clear that she is a storyteller and not an author, H. E. Fairbanks’ ‘Sterling Suspense’ series proves the compelling differences between both definitions. Dragging readers deep into a world of sex slavery, FBI intervention and a witch hunt with the ultimate prey – the series’ first volume is resonating with readers around the world.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- In the current age of self-publishing, many are quick to brand themselves as an author. However, H.E. Fairbanks stands head-and-shoulders above others by remaining true to the customs and cultures of the often-bygone ‘storyteller.’ Having recently released the first book of her new and eagerly-awaited suspense fiction series, Fairbanks is proving that an author and a storyteller exist worlds apart.

‘Centaur,’ the first volume of the ‘Sterling Suspense’ series, takes the traditional story concept and molds it into a modern and gripping narrative.


The Halfway Home is a stately care home for the intellectually disabled, nestled in the rustic hills of Northern California. But appearances can be deceiving. The Home is a front for a sex slavery ring run by Centaur, a man with a secret he'll kill to protect—and has. Beautiful Meghan Dacey, who knows her name only as "nummer twenny-three," escapes from the Home hours before her scheduled execution. Centaur knows that Meghan is the last living soul who has heard his secret and could bring about his downfall. Meghan’s cognitive skills improve rapidly under the care of Dr. Jeffrey Sterling and with the protection of Agent Alex Hunter of the FBI, and Centaur must eliminate her before she can decipher and share what she knows.

As the hunt widens, Centaur becomes the ultimate puppeteer, targeting his prey from afar. Agent Hunter and Dr. Sterling must not only protect Meghan from Centaur's traps, but also ferret out his deadly puppets, some of whom may be hidden among their own people.

What follows is a massive game of hide and seek that stretches halfway around the globe. Only this game won't end with the seeker playfully announcing, "tag, you're it!"

As the author explains, a traditional storyteller isn’t motivated by the fame or fortune that many authors seek.

“My greatest delight is seeing others enjoy, laugh with, and love my stories as much as I do. The greatest compliments I've ever received were complaints from readers that I made them stay up all night reading,” says Fairbanks.

Continuing, “I am not a writer. I'm a storyteller, and there is a big difference. I don’t write for money; I write because I love it. Because it makes others smile. And because, without the storytellers, our world would be less interesting, less fun, and downright boring.”

With her first book seeing immense success, Fairbanks has recently announced her series’ upcoming volumes. Book two, ‘Willow’s Baby,’ is due for release in May of this year. This will soon be followed by ‘Buttoned Down,’ which is currently in the works.

Boasting plot-twisting puzzles, an eclectic cast of characters and a bold dollop of humor, readers are urged to purchase a copy of the first installment as soon as possible.

‘Centaur’ is available now: http://amzn.to/ZOjdkG

ISBN: 978-1482085426

About the Author: H. E. Fairbanks
A former medical editor, writer/illustrator H. E. Fairbanks is the author of the Sterling Suspense series of novels. She resides in Southern Colorado and is a member of Pikes Peak Writers.

Ms. Fairbanks has been writing and editing for twenty-five years. She has written fiction and nonfiction, columns, short stories, commentaries and poetry, as well as a comic strip.

As a professional artist, she designs and paints the haunting covers of her own novels, collaborating with expert layout artists to achieve an iconic style suiting the suspense genre.