Centaurs Appliance Repair Launches an Offer on Refrigerator Repair

Appliance Repair Launches An Offer To Repair Any Type Of Refrigerator Made


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2015 -- Centaurs Appliance Repair is pleased to launch another amazing offer on refrigerator repair both for Jacksonville residents and online customers. Centaurs Appliance Repair is a renowned appliance repairer that has serviced the region over the years and has consequently increased its expertise in refrigerator repair exponentially. The offer is anticipated to cover all types and sizes of refrigerators regardless of the manufacturer and could be valid for a few months. More details of the same will be communicated via the company's website.

Making the announcement, the company's correspondent Ms.Neely Aevila said "Think about it. If you live in Jacksonville FL there is a good chance you will have the refrigerator running every minute of every day. Sooner or later it is going to stop working. This is where an appliance technician comes into play.

Now there are many places you can find a good technician, you can find one on Google, on Facebook, on yelp.com, but the best way to find one is on the internet. On centaursappliancerepair.com you can find amazing reviews, where happy and pleased customers have left reviews on what they think about our services and how we operate. This is what you need to know about us."

Following the launch of Centaurs Appliance Refrigerator repair offer, the repairer is counting on their website to help convert the online traffic into customers. The company contact details listed on the site will be crucial in reaching the technicians who will then show up at the customer's premises within 24 hours after communication.

The technicians from Centaurs Appliance Repair are always ready to commute to offices, homes or wherever the dysfunctional refrigerator is thereby saving clients transportation costs and the tall order of having to move the refrigerator to Centaurs Appliance Repair workshop for fixing.

About Centaurs Appliance Repair Company
Centaurs Appliance Repair is a Jacksonville based appliance Repair Company that has been fixing appliances commonly used within the households and offices. The company is well equipped with tools, spare parts and well trained staff who have mastered the technical know- how concerning fixing such appliances whenever they break down.

Reflecting of the refrigerator repair offer launch, Ms. Neely had this to say;
"We know everything there is to know about fixing refrigerators, we have been doing it for years. Besides, Centaurs Appliance Repair has professionally trained staff that can fix basically any appliance in a home, apartment, or commercial office building. Moreover, we offer same day appliance fixing. If your appliance went out give us a call and talk to one of our agents, usually the same day we will have someone out to fix your refrigerator, so it can get back to life."

When it comes to fixing broken devices there are all the other guys and then there are us. We have trained staff, professional respectable and knowledgeable technicians and offer same day service. This means by the end of the day your gadgets will all be working great again and you can get back to living life. We are licensed and trained to work with every appliance and brand out there.

Visit their website at http://centaursappliancerepair.com/

Contact Information:
Centaurs Appliance Repair
Nelly Aevila
Customer Service Manager
Address: 1736 S. University Blvd #205 Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone: 904-337-4809
E-mail: NeelyAevila@gmail.com
Website: http://centaursappliancerepair.com/