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Center City Emergency Dentist Discusses Problems Caused by Wisdom Teeth


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2019 -- Among the best orthodontists in Philadelphia, Center City Emergency Dentist is currently taking the opportunity to educate the Philadelphia community about the attendant risks that come with wisdom teeth.

According to Center City Emergency Dentist, most people do not have jaw bones large enough to fit all 32 permanent teeth. Consequently, wisdom teeth are often crowded out of their proper eruption position by the overlying gums or bone, resulting in impacted teeth. When wisdom teeth start to erupt, they can trigger a recurrent cycle of gum infections, leading to pain around the tooth that can even spread to the neck or face.

When left alone, impacted wisdom teeth can also cause other issues, such as chronic infections and serious recession of the bone and gums.

Center City Emergency Dentist also points out that when a wisdom tooth erupts in absence of an opposing tooth, it can lead to accidental cheek biting or hyper-eruption, disrupting the bite or occlusion of the other teeth. More severe issues can arise if the tissue surrounding an impacted tooth grows into a tumor or cyst. Wisdom teeth can even lead to crowding of the lower incisor teeth in one's late teens and early twenties, requiring orthodontic retreatment if left alone long enough.

Furthermore, scientific studies have shown that wisdom teeth that do erupt tend towards disease and infection just as much as impacted teeth.

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