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Center City Emergency Dentist Urges Patients to Look out for Signs of Oral Infections


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2020 -- With most dental practices in Philadelphia, including Center City Emergency Dentist, limiting their services due to the COVID pandemic, people must be vigilant about their oral care routine now more than ever. The highly sought after and experienced dental team at CCED is urging patients to improve their oral health and look out for red flags that could signal a serious infection and require emergency dental services.

Oral infections are caused by bacteria, and they can develop in and around any part of the oral cavity, including the teeth, gums, mouth and lips. The most common symptoms related to oral infections are:

- Sensitive teeth and gums
- Tooth, gum, and mouth pain
- Bleeding or sore gums
- Loose or falling teeth
- Bad breath
- Mouth sores
- Swelling of the gums, jaw, or lymph nodes

Thankfully, if caught early, most oral infections can easily be treated with regular care and home remedies. Most adults already have healthy oral habits ingrained in their lifestyle, but the CCED team agrees there's no better time than right now to give regular oral hygiene a boost. And it all starts by washing the hands.

Hands make contact with tons of bacteria and germs during daily activities that can make their way onto the toothbrush and into the mouth. Therefore, it's important to wash hands properly — that means with hot soap and water — before brushing and flossing the teeth. Additionally, ensure the toothbrush is clean before use.

Those who do develop painful oral infections can always turn to Center City Emergency Dentist, one of the leading emergency dental clinics. Their Philadelphia offices are currently accepting appointments where CDC guidelines are strictly being followed for the safety of all patients and staff.

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