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Center City Emergency Dentists Reminds About Daily Dental Hygiene


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2016 -- A good, daily dental routine can be a real difference-maker. Remembering to brush teeth twice a day without rushing it or using too much force, flossing daily and drinking enough water can prevent problems like teeth decay and bad breath. Put together, all of these routines done thoroughly only take from five to ten minutes, but can save a lot of money and trouble later on. That's why Center City Emergency Dentists, a leading provider of services from dental implants to tooth abscess treatments in Philadelphia, wants to remind their patients about it. The clinic's dentists are also always happy to help if their patients have any questions or concerns about how to best approach daily dental hygiene.

Started in 1949, Center City Emergency Dentists specializes in providing care as well as treatment for all of their patients. Whether it is a case of urgent care or cosmetic dentistry, the clinic has highly trained and compassionate staff with experience in the specific field what can help the patient. They are a top-rated dentist, open seven days a week. Center City Emergency Dentists can help their patients with emergency services, veneers, root canals, cosmetic dentistry, tooth extractions, dental implants, and more. They also accept a wide variety of insurances that includes more than one hundred and fifty different plans.

Anyone looking the best place to have procedures such as dental implants in Philadelphia can rely on Center City Emergency Dentists for expert care. There is more information available by visiting the company website or by calling Center City Emergency Dentists directly at 215-315-7691.

About Center City Emergency Dentists
Center City Emergency Dentists is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based dental facility providing both routine and emergent dental treatments for their clientele throughout Philadelphia. They are highly recommended by the hospitals at Temple University and University of Pennsylvania, as well as many other prominent healthcare organizations.

Center City Emergency Dentists provide veneers, root canals, cosmetic dentistry, tooth extractions, dental implants and emergency services when necessary. They do not accept HMOs DMOs or any state-funded insurance, including Medicaid. Reach them by phone today at 215-254-6679.

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