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Center for Venous Disease: Complete Vein Care to Avoid More Serious Health Problems


Glendale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Millions of Americans suffer from varicose veins ; majority of them are women. Individuals between 30 and 70 are at high risk of this health condition. However, a lot of people pay no attention to these because they think of varicose veins are normal occurrence in their bodies. They feel the pain and discomfort but they easily find refuge in certain medicines to relieve them. They are not aware that protruding veins cause more serious health conditions like sores or skin ulcers, spontaneous bleeding, deep vein thrombosis and superficial thrombophlebitis. It is for this reason that people with varicose veins should seek immediate medical help from doctors.

For complete vein care, patients can rely on the Center for Venous Disease . All of their doctors are double or triple Board Certified Physicians and are Diplomates of the American College of Phlebology (vein specialty).

The Center for Venous Disease offers several services, which include ClosureFast Procedures, vein ablation, sclerotherapy, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, micro-ambulatory phlebectomy, on-site ultrasound laboratory, DVT (blood clot) screening, venous disease screening, cosmetic laser vein treatments, hand veins and chest veins. Primarily, the organization attends to people who endure heavy feeling in legs; pain in legs; swelling in leg or ankle; restlessness in legs; and discoloration, flaking and burning sensation in the affected area.

The Center for Venous Disease likewise pays attention to those who have symptoms of lymphedema and venous stasis ulcerations. More important, they work with individuals and their insurance providers to respond to their concerns immediately.

Center for Venous Disease and its dedication to venous disease treatment and research has not only helped lead today’s state of the art technology, but has allowed to meet the needs of each patient by treating a wide variety of venous disease. For more information, please visit

About Center for Venous Disease
At the Center for Venous Disease, we are focused on a Total Vein Care philosophy utilizing state-of-the-art technology with Board Certified and Diplomate of the American Board of Phlebology Physicians.

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