Central America Animators Launch Crowdfunding Campaign to Market and Distribute Feature Film 'TGUS'

Crowdfunding campaign allows animation fans to help bring a small group of animator's vision for the film tGus to a worldwide audience


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- An independent animated film from Central America has already caught the attention of video game company Machinima and had distribution offers from three companies, but the film's director and lead writer Terio Xontm wanted to go a different direction.

"We could have signed a distribution contract, but the distributor would take the film, screen it to a few people and then make a decision on how and where to release it. We'd have no to little control over how the film was distributed and marketed," Xontm said. "That's just not good enough."

The decision to reach out through IndieGoGo in a crowdfunding effort was a simple one for the company, he said. There are enough animation fans out there who will back this film's marketing effort to make it be an enormous success.

"tGUS is going to strike a chord with people who watched cult animation movies from the 70s and 80s. When people see the introductory clip at the IndieGoGo site, we're confident they will be hooked and will help bring the movie to the world," Xontm said. "This film is going to change the way many people look at animated films.

As with all crowdfunding campaigns, this one has perks for contributions.

Beginning with $5, contributors get their name in the credits. Name in the credits appears with most of the contribution levels. At the $35 level, contributors get a DVD of the movie. For cell fans, the $65 level delivers an original drawing of a tGUS character. Contribution levels go up to $10,000 which is the executive producer/sponsor level. Only five of these will be offered.

"We understand that everyone can't give the same amount. That's why we started the contribution levels at $1. We want to make this a true crowdfunding effort. Everyone can help," Xontm said.

Adding veracity to the claims of the filmmakers, American actors Dustin Neil Diamond, Jareb Dauplaise and Brina Palencia have lent their talents and voices to the film to bring an English version of the script to life.

The animated film tGUS comes from a group of artists in Central America. It's the story of a Central American city that appears to be in a state of anarchy. But when two gods place a bet to see whether the city's residents are worthwhile or not. to For more information visit The company can be followed on Twitter @tzotzweb. A video of the work so far can be see at .