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Central Auto Insurance California Explains Why Switching Auto Insurance Companies Can Be a Lucrative Consumer Choice

The average American auto insurance customer overpays by $368 each year, according to research by Nerdwallet. And auto insurance companies know this. That's why they work hard to keep their existing customers -- and to discourage them from shopping around. In most businesses retaining existing customers is cheaper than recruiting new ones – and the car insurance industry is no exception. Auto insurance companies are marketing hard to keep their current customers. For instance, they advertise perks such as large accident forgiveness after five years or lifetime renewal after 20 years.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2014 -- But often, the real reward for your loyalty is higher premiums. To keep long-time customers, auto insurers use price optimization, the practice of using personal customer data to raise rates just enough that customers won't feel the urge to switch. Over the years, rates creep up and up until existing customers are paying far more than they should. According to Earnix, 45 percent of large insurance companies use price optimization.

The good news is that consumers that have been with their current insurer for a long time could save big by shopping around -- an average of 32 percent, according to USA Today. Many consumers may be eligible for car insurance savings that they're not seeing because maybe they've gotten married, changed professions or simply maintained a safe driving record. Even celebrating a birthday can save consumers money. Typically auto insurance rates fall after a consumer reaches 25 and don't start going back up until they near 70.

Even for consumers who think they're getting a good rate now, it doesn't hurt to compare. They may find that switching insurers is an easy way to save a few hundred dollars per year -- and we're pretty sure most people can think of some better ways to spend their hard-earned money. Luckily is an easy, free, no-commitment way to compare. works with auto insurers to let consumers compare multiple insurers at once, with real, accurate rates. Consumers can comparison shopping today and see how much they could be saving.

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