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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2012 -- Homes can be complicated, especially when they start to fall into disrepair. Fortunately, there are a number of property repair services that can help people fix their homes and commercial properties.

Central Property Repairs wants to make buildings simple again. At, visitors will find a wide selection of property repair, construction, and maintenance solutions available to property owners in Birmingham. From home re-wiring jobs to complete commercial property construction, offers a diverse range of services. The company’s property repair solutions are designed for both individual homeowners and property landlords alike.

The website looks to attract homeowners in Birmingham with its property repair and house extension services. Without proper repair and maintenance, Central Property Repairs knows that even the best-designed homes can lose their value.

Central Property Repairs allows homeowners to expand the value of any home with a house extension project. Extending an existing property can help maximize land use and enhance the property’s value. The caters this service to both residential homeowners and commercial landlords, and the company claims it is fully equipped to plan and build virtually any property extension.

In addition to property repair and extension contracting, offers a complete building service. Much like the company’s other services, their building contracting is available to both commercial and domestic property managers. is assisting both private and commercial customers with a whole range of building and repair projects and has become one of the most prominent builders in Birmingham.

Unlike many builders Central Property Repairs has an in-house architect and designer. The company expects this to be an attractive feature for anybody who needs builders Birmingham. The company also offers a shop fitting service for business owners who need to create a retail space or hospitality environment in the city.

Every building needs to be maintained. When left over time, it doesn’t take long for the problems in a property to pile up. For those who own investment properties or commercial buildings, property management is especially important. With that in mind, offers facility management for a wide range of businesses and properties. The company seeks to attract those looking for everything from an office refurbishment to a long-term maintenance contract.

The website claims the company is “More than just a contractor.” With its diverse selection of facility management services, Central Property Repairs seeks to impress its customers regardless of what the job may be. To illustrate their success in impressing customers the site features a plethora of testimonials from previous satisfied customers.

About is a full service contractor in Birmingham. It offers a variety of property repair services for both residential and commercial properties. For more information, visit: