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Stirling, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- Nicky Coffin is a seasoned performance coach and recruitment trainer who helps recruitment companies develop their business through training their recruiters. This takes many forms including recruitment training and one to one coaching in addition to a number of additional resources including her weekly webinars. These webinars are aimed at helping recruitment managers with their personal and professional growth on each individual career level.

Nicky provides management training for recruitment companies. Recruiters and recruitment agencies often have to race against time to fulfil their monthly recruiting, placement and billing targets. As such, recruiters have to continually exceed their record of best performance and achieve greater milestones. This can be a challenge as stress and motivation levels may falter from time to time, thereby producing low levels of productivity in the recruitment workplace.

Nicky is of the view that with help from her webinars, people can join the learning process with just a few clicks and be part of the journey towards greater performance and output by not only meeting their required billings but also excelling in the workplace in both professional and personal terms. Working hard is a thing of the past as time is of the essence so the performance coach talks about how recruiters can work smarter and save time and energy while achieving better results.

Training in Recruitment is not just a process that takes place for new starters. Employees at each level, whether recruitment managers, supervisors or new starters can each benefit from the learning outcomes of Nicky Coffin’s webinars.

The purpose of performance coaching is to move forward from the beginning point and to cover a set of goals while following certain objectives. The mental strategy is as important as the execution because having the right mindset can solve half the problems recruiters face in being productive individuals at the workplace. Performance coaching is a never ending process that can take place at any time since managers and employees can never halt the learning process.

Nicky Coffin gives the example of leading entrepreneurs and change makers, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey as being phenomenal leaders and famous for their work across the social sector and technological advancement. These two not only are successful celebrities but also make use of performance coaching to stay ahead in their careers and focus on new tasks and goals each day. Their actions are proactive and they are highly motivated to do more in life.

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